Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith

Have you heard about the fun and wonder that are Keri Smith books? I had vaguely heard about Wreck This Journal years ago, but never looked in to it. Who wants to ruin a book? Certainly not this former library worker.

Then my husband stumbled upon several of her books at Michael’s a couple of months ago and became enamored. After watching him having so much fun and being so creative with the first book he picked up “Finish This Book” I decided I had to have some too.

We are on a pretty tight budget so we each get $10 a week to spend on whatever we want, an allowance if you will. I spend all of the next months allowance on a few of her books. My husband did the same and we are each up to six of her books apiece now.

These books ask you to do strange and sometimes scary things, especially for grownups. Would you willingly tear a page from a book? And then freeze it, float it, give it away? Would you wipe paint, ink, or food on the pages? That’s the sort of thing I scold my toddler for. I didn’t think I would have any fun with the books at first, but having the clear directions that can then be interpreted in any way you see fit is very freeing. It is so creative and so much fun.

I find everything as a possible piece to use in my Keri Smith books now. When I was at the park with my daughter the other day I brought home a stick for a page that you are supposed to use strange objects to draw lines with. I’ve also used mascara on that page and plan to use a straw, a fork, and a flower. I brought home a tiny yellow leaf that I thought be great on a page of found things. A penny that I found outside while waiting for a pizza delivery? That went in my book too! Stickers from fruit and stamps off of mail are fodder for their designated pages.

These books are all similar, but also all very unique. My husband and I can’t wait for our daughter to get older and we plan to buy the Wreck This Journal by the box set of four so we can all be working on them together. I think it’s great fuel for the creative perfectionist. You are given permission to do something fun and usually destructive to the book and the objects you may place inside. I don’t tend to take time to think beforehand. I just do. And often I really like how my pages have turned out.

There is no wrong way to complete a Keri Smith book and that makes them even more amazing. I’ll be posting some pictures of my completed pages in a separate post. I will leave you with a link to her author page on Amazon. I’m off to collect pocket lint, my hair, random items or smells, or to tear out a page and throw it through the wash.

Happy wrecking!



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