I use my bullet journal every day. It’s my hobby as well as my planner and to do list. I use it to keep track of my busy life, appointments for myself, husband, and daughter, when bills are due, and so much more.

Another thing I began doing as soon as I had a bullet journal was to write down when we’ve had medicine. I simply add a note to the side of my daily spread. It might say, P-cold tabs- 826am. That means P, my daughter, had cold tablets at 826am. This lets me easily see who took what, when, and it’s easy to tell if more medication can be taken.

Our family doesn’t use much medication so it’s something I’m naturally bad at remembering.

When my daughter was sick for the first time it just seemed natural for me to keep track of symptoms, dosages, temperatures, and other incidents in a running list on my daily. I used this mostly for myself. How long has it been since P has thrown up? Is her fever higher or lower than it was just before she took medicine again this morning? When is her next dosage? What did I have success getting her to eat?

My simple running list was invaluable to me. But it proved to be even more so for her pediatrician. When she was sick enough to need to take her to the doctor to ease my mind I was able to easily rattle off all the answers to their questions pretty much down to the minute.

She last ate crackers at 1030 this morning, she had a little bit of apple juice at 11am and she last took Motrin at noon. Her highest fever was 102.4 and it’s been coming down steadily since this morning.

Even though it ended up being just a stomach flu, and we all just had to get through it and keep her as comfortable as possible, I was so grateful to have the list to give the doctor. There was no need for me to try and remember all of those details and hope they were accurate. I could speedily give the information and know that it was correct.

That is just one more reason I love my bullet journal!

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