One of my favorite places to get educational tools for use with my toddler is the Dollar Tree. They have so many amazing resources. They have craft and coloring supplies, storage and organizational tools, all kinds of stationery and stickers, notebooks for her to practice drawing or writing, books to read, and workbooks too!

I’ve seen workbooks for every age from pre k to sixth grade. They have alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, prewriting, animals, vehicles, pre-reading skills, math at various grade levels and so much more!

The workbooks come in various themes including Disney characters. The workbooks are often very colorful and filled with fun and educational activities. My daughter often points to the row of workbooks on our bookshelf and asks for a pen. She loves to fill the pages with help from me.

Her favorite workbooks are the ones where you answer most of the questions with stickers!

The workbooks do range in quality and size. I have seen workbooks at dollar tree with as few as 12 pages or as many as 62. Either way, for a dollar, I figure we can’t go wrong. This is not the only place I purchase workbooks for my daughter, but it is the most frequent because she fills them up and at that price I don’t mind too much if she isn’t filling them in exactly correctly.

We also love all of the various teacher tools they sell at Dollar TreeĀ in the Teaching Tree section. We have many things from there including flashcards, foam counting blocks, test tubes, plastic tweezers for children, and more. That is the spot I get most excited to see whenever we shop there.

There are so many great resources at the Dollar Tree for not a lot of money. You should check yours out for some fun, and possibly educational, things to do with your child.

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