When Totschool Activities Don’t Go as Planned

I spend some time each day browsing Instagram and Pinterest, watching Youtube, or searching Google for new ideas on home school activities to do with my two year old. I have folders of activities saved to my computer and boards dedicated to fun things to do on Pinterest.

I often think “this looks fun” or “she will love this!” I prep what I can so I always have activities on hand and ready to go. Some things take just a few minutes to prep and others take days, shopping trips, or searching for the perfect tool.

I always love it when my daughter gets very excited about a new project, game, or activity I found and took the time to put together.

This activity fell somewhere in between as far as time to set up. I had the small ice cube tray that wasn’t being used any longer. I bought the various colored pom pom balls at dollar tree on our next weekly shopping trip and finally found the child size tweezers the week after. I was excited to help my daughter sort the pom poms by color.

She got excited as I took out the supplies and set them up on the sofa. She got really excited when she saw the tweezers. I showed her how to squeeze them. She smiled. And then she tried to use the tweezers to lift the pom pom. She failed to make them work. She was holding them too close to the back end. I tried to readjust her hand. She resisted. She tried to pick up the pom pom again. She couldn’t get the tweezers to squeeze. The tweezers were launched on the floor. She grabbed handfuls of pom poms and dropped them on the floor as well. Then she got up and went to play with something else.

I stared after her for a few moments. I thought of the shopping trips. I thought of how much she was supposed to love this activity. I thought of how much fun she has sorting things. I thought of how this was supposed to have gone. I thought about trying to force her back to the sofa and trying again to make her little fingers work the tweezers. I shook my head. I thought about crying. Instead I picked up the pom poms and tweezers from the floor. I took them and the ice cube tray back to the home school shelf and put them away. Then I sat on the floor with my daughter and helped her build a block tower bigger than she is.

While we stacked we talked about the letters, numbers, colors, animals, and objects on the sides of the blocks. She had fun, I had fun, and we learned things. That’s what school is supposed to be. Fun and educational.

At two, she doesn’t care how much time or effort I put in to activities. She doesn’t care if it cost $1 to create or $100. She just knows if she’s having fun or not. I put the tweezers up for another day. Perhaps when she has a bit more patience to learn a new skill. For now I plan activities and try to be open to my plans being thrown out the window by the curly haired red head I love more than anything.

She’s learning and growing and that’s all I can ask of her.

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