I’m setting up my new bullet journal to begin in July. It is an A5, squared, lemon Leuchtturm1917. One of the first pages I knew I wanted to transfer over from my old notebook is my two page spread featuring my running shopping list and a running list of things I’m waiting on. The center orange part is a 4 x 6 inch post it note.

I used to have a small section on my weekly spreads for shopping list items for the week, but found I sometimes needed more space than was allowed by that set up. I moved the shopping list to this spread at that point. I like the post it note because I can add what I need to the list, put it on my organized weekly shopping list when I’m meal planning, and simply cross the item off on the post it note in the spread. I then keep using the same post it until it has all been written on and crossed off. At that point I can simply remove the used up post it note and put in a new one to start fresh.

The Waiting On spread works in a similar way. I use it for packages I’m waiting for in the mail. As soon as I order something I usually add the name of the item to the list. Once it ships I add how it was shipped (ups, usps, fedex, etc) and the last few numbers from the tracking number. Once the tracking has been updated I add the expected date of delivery. After it arrives I cross the item off and like the shopping list, once it has been filled and crossed off to completion I swap it for a fresh post it.

I use this two page spread so often it is where one of my two bookmarks live at all times. I am certain it will be a constant in my bullet journals for the foreseeable future.

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