July Monthly Bullet Journal Set Up

It’s that time of the month, for me at least. I’m setting up for the following month in my bullet journal. This is when appointments and bills start coming in for the next month and I need a place to write them down besides my future log.  This is my favorite part of the month. It’s when I create the most pages at once.

I switched at the beginning of this year to a more traditional calendar format for my monthly. I just love the way it looks.


I LOVE my Zebra Mildliners! I use them in almost every spread I make. The large orange numbers and the words July and Goals are written with the orange one in this spread.

I will fill in the bills, appointments, etc on top of the orange numbers and write my goals along the blank column on the right. The days of the week stickers are from my favorite Etsy shop createdbydanielle1

My second two page spread in my monthly set up is very simple. It has the word gratitude on the top left and strips of orange washi tape on the bottom of the left page and the top of the right page. I use these pages to write down or draw things I am grateful for or that make me happy throughout the month.

The third two page spread is very similar. It is the word Anxiety on the top of the left page and a strip of washi down the left side of the left page and the right side of the right page. I use this space to write down everything that is triggering my anxiety. It helps to reduce the panic attacks if I get it out of my head for a bit.

The final two page spread in my monthly set up includes a page I title currently on the left hand side.


This page has space for things I am doing or enjoying this month.

On the right hand side of that final spread is a page where I plan what I will post here on my blog each Monday and Thursday as well as what I will post on my facebook page daily.

As soon as we get to July I will start writing dailies on the following page.

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