Overwhelming Amount of Books to be Currently Reading

I love reading. Reading a book and drinking coffee is what I would choose to do every moment if I had the choice. Unfortunately, the house needs cleaning, work needs done, and the kiddo and hubby demand to be fed multiple times a day.


My bigger problem is that my list of books that I want to read is so big I couldn’t possibly read them all in my lifetime. Books I own that I haven’t read yet is probably a couple of hundred at least and that’s not even considering the thousands of books I don’t own yet.


I read 63 books in 2017. That’s a number I very happy with considering the amount of time that is spent doing everything else in my life. But at that rate, just reading the books I already own will take more than 3 years to complete. And that’s if I don’t buy any new books. Clearly that is not happening considering I went on a book buying spree with Book Outlet last month and bought 39 new books. The three years also doesn’t take in to account books I read from the library. Currently between my husband, daughter, and I we have 90 books checked out.


I think about all the books I want to read and decide that I have to try and read as many as possible. And it has to be right now. In this free minute or half an hour that I have while my daughter is napping. If I don’t read it now I won’t get a chance to. So I pick up a book, one of the many on my to be read list. I read a few pages and then she wakes up. The next nap time I end up starting another book. And another one. and so on.


I do finish books. I sometimes read one book straight through without even glancing at another book I want to read. But, more often than not, I have about three books going at once. One on my Kindle that I read when I’m trying to get my kiddo to sleep. One fiction that I own or is borrowed from the library. And one non-fiction book. Three is my limit. Three is what I can comfortably handle reading at a time and not get overwhelmed with choices.


Any more than three books and I find myself stymied on reading any of them. So how every few months, when I get overwhelmed thinking about the amount of books I’ll never have time to read, do I end up in the position I find myself in now. I have 15 on going books. 15 books I’ve started reading. I’ve read only the a chapter of some and am nearly at the end on others.


15 books at once is simply too many choices for me at one time. I know this. Eventually I’ll choose a book. Either the one with the fewest pages left to read. One that is due back to the library soonest. Or the one I started first. Then I’ll read only that book until it is finished. I’ll choose another and finish that one. And I’ll keep going until I get down to two or three books and I’ll be relieved and excited to finally start another new book.


Looking down from the mountain of 15 books to finish before I can start a shiny new release makes me feel dizzy and like I might never get there. But I will. It just might take some time.


Maybe this is the time that I’ll learn my lesson and I’ll never find myself in the middle of 15 books at once again. Maybe.

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