Life Update

The short version is, my husband lost his job just over 11 weeks ago and things have been in total chaos since.

The longer version begins with my husband losing his job 11 weeks ago. He was fired via text message from a job he had been working for over three years. It was an all around terrible situation that we’re still angry about. But there really wasn’t anything for us to do.

My husband panicked. I went in to get things done mode and figured out our storm mode budget. We would only be paying for rent and the bills that had to be kept up. Grocery money was cut as low as possible and all extras were cut out effective immediately. I matched that up with what we had in the bank and figured out how long we had before we needed to panic. And then I calculated to figure out what we needed to bring in money wise to keep us going for longer.

The job loss was a huge hit to my husband’s ego. He’s been suffering through waves of depression, anxiety, fear, and more since the incident. Because of this he hasn’t truly focused on the job search yet.

My freelance work doesn’t bring in enough funds to sustain us so we’re currently living off of our savings. It’s a terrible feeling to watch our bank account balance slowly shrink as we have more money going out then coming in these days.

Things have settled down a little bit at this point though. My daughter is loving having daddy home with her every day. I’m liking that he’s in charge of dishes and cooking. I’m not loving all the extra stress of not having enough money to be sure I can feed my kid in another few months. I’m not loving our completely uncertain future.

Things are moving in the right direction again though. My husband has started a journey looking for a new job he thinks he will love and we still have enough savings to keep us going for a while longer. We’ll continue to cling together as a family and do our best to keep our heads above water. And hopefully we will all still love each other when this period of chaos comes to a close.

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