June Reading Wrap Up

I finished 17 books in June. I’ve impressed myself considering I was working as much as possible. To be fair, 5 of them were started in previous months. Here’s what I read.

  1. Sleeping Giants by Sylvian Neuvel ✰2✰
  2. You Need a Budget by Jesse Mecham ✰4✰
  3. Minecraft: The Island by Max Brooks ✰2✰
  4. Crystal the Snow Fairy by Daisy Meadows ✰3✰
  5. The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking ✰2✰
  6. No Plot? No Problem! by Chris Baty ✰3✰
  7. Binti: Home by Nnedi Okorafor ✰4✰
  8. Heat: Fated Mates by Wolf Specter ✰5✰
  9. Omega’s Fate by Wolf Specter ✰3✰
  10. Mad Passion by Naaju Rorrete ✰2✰
  11. Tonight by Karen Stivali ✰5✰
  12. Off Broadway by Sarah Kay Moll ✰5✰
  13. Swimmer Boy by Jay Argent ✰3✰
  14. When Fire Met Rain by Henry Reign ✰2✰
  15. Finding Finn by Kiki Burrelli ✰4✰
  16. Lexi the Firefly Fairy by Daisy Meadows ✰3✰
  17. And We Stay by Jenny Hubbard ✰2✰

This was no where near my normal reading month as far as subject matter. Two of the books were early chapter books I read to my three year old daughter. She liked them more than I did and that was the point really.

I also read 7 romances which I haven’t read since I was 16 and working at summer camp. I ended up really enjoying the first one I picked up for free on kindle and then continued down a rabbit hole of reading another one as soon as I finished one. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.

Overall a great reading month for me. And in the spirit of obscenely long currently reading lists I’m in the middle of 19 books. Down from 22. Progress is the important thing I suppose. When I do a midmonth check in I will include what books I am currently reading. Hopefully I can whittle the list down a bit before then.

Happy Reading!

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