Preschool Homeschool Tag

I recently saw this set of tag questions on Youtube in the form of a colab hosted by Lindsey at Momma Schmooze Homeschool Reviews.

My daughter is just about three and a half, but we’ve been homeschooling for a little over a year. All of our schooling so far has been led on her time frame. Once she showed an interest in learning and doing worksheets I set up a curriculum for her that covered all the bases I felt she needed and would enjoy.

There are days or weeks where she won’t want to do anything and other times where we will go through two weeks worth of work I have set up for her in two days. I don’t push her yet. In our state she wouldn’t be allowed to start Kindergarten until September 2020 so we’re pretty ahead of the ball game here.

We will be starting her Kindergarten year here at home in September of this year though and that will be a bit more structured. I’ll be going through my choices for her subjects we’ll be covering in posts over the next several weeks.

On to the questions!

1. What is your preschoolers favorite picture book?

My daughter loves anything Pete the Cat. Pete the Cat and the Four Groovy Buttons is what really got her reading on her own, because we simply didn’t have time to read it to her as many times as she wanted us to.

Her first favorite though was Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? That one she owns several copies of and has read to the other children at story time.

2. How do you teach ABCs, colors, shapes and numbers?

We didn’t really teach her those things. Not formally. We just talked to her about what was around her from day one. ‘Look it’s a yellow triangle’ etc. She also learned most of that from youtube and from her Kindle apps. We gave her a kids kindle fire for her 1st birthday and she was constantly surprising us with all that she knew. She didn’t really talk at all until just before her second birthday and as she could speak more we found out more that she knew including all letters, uppercase and lowercase, all of her numbers through 20, all of her shapes and colors, and more songs than I can name. She just needed to get her speech to catch up to be able to really show us what she knew.

3. Do you use a curriculum for your homeschooler?

We did and do. What first brought her desire to learn to my attention was when she kept asking for more workbooks from dollar tree. She would complete them, at 2 years old, in an afternoon, with my help for instructions and filling in the answers she gave me. I wanted to make sure I had something that was helping her progress and not just jump all over the place like the 30 page workbooks she was choosing.

We used Horizons Math Kindergarten level and we’re nearly finished with it. We’ve also  We used a pre k level Plaid Phonics program, some of the Explode the Code books, and various other workbooks. We do the lesson, she tells me the answer, and I write it down for her. She doesn’t have to be able to write the words to know the material. We’re working on handwriting in our upcoming Kindergarten year.

4. What are your favorite websites to use to teach preschool?

We don’t really have a website that we use. She watches a lot of youtube. She can launch it on the PS4 on her own and figures out her own search terms to find what she wants. She also uses countless apps on the Amazon Freetime subscription she’s had since her first birthday.

5. Do you take your preschooler to any community activities on a weekly basis?

Yes. We are in a mommy and me music class that meets one morning a week during the standard school year. We go to 33 lessons a year where we sing and dance and play. We started that just before her 2nd birthday hoping it would help her begin to talk. It helped a lot in that regard.

We also go to a weekly storytime at our library.  She usually goes to that one with grandma.

6. How long do you teach your preschooler each day?

That very much depends on the day. If we did everything on a daily list and only what was on the list it would be about 45 minutes of work. A lot of days we skipped formal work entirely and other days she wants to keep going after two hours in.

7. What are their favorite educational shows to watch?

Her current obsessions are Sid the Science Kid, Paw Patrol, and Blippi. She used to love Backyardigans, Daniel Tiger, and more than I can remember right now, but they all sort of ebb and flow. Her top choice these days is to watch yoga for kids videos. She tries to follow along too.

8. How do you occupy your little one while homeschooling your older kids?

She is an only child.

9. What is your favorite educational toy to use for teaching?

Puzzles. She loves everything puzzle. She likes her big bulky wooden alphabet puzzles, her regular thin cardboard piece puzzles from the dollar tree, and digital puzzles on her kindle. We use them for so many things and they lead to so many conversations while she is playing.

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