My daughter’s three big loves are books, music, and art. I read to her as often as I can. I’m not musical in any way, but her grandfather is a pianist and organist and my husband inherited some of his natural ability so I’ll leave the bulk of music things to them, though we do have some basic music workbooks that I’ll be showing you later in the kindergarten curriculum series. As for art, I have no real abilities in that area either, but I do love it. I love to be creative and play with different supplies. With the budget we set for purchasing her kindergarten supplies I knew I wanted to do art in a far bigger way than I had done preschool.

For preschool we mostly did craft kits from the dollar tree. She did great with them and had fun, but I wanted something a little more comprehensive for Kindergarten. Something that would let her, and me, explore a little more.

I chose Artistic Pursuits Early Elementary K-3 Book One: An Introduction to the Visual Arts.


It contains 36 lessons and the plan for now it to do one a week. Each lesson begins with a reading on either What artists do, what artists see, or where we find art. We then look at a piece of art in each section and talk about it. It could be a painting, a sculpture, a book cover, a stained glass window, etc. And finally, each lesson has a project for to make yourself.

As an example, in lesson 24 we read a page about Art in Palaces, then we look at Fresco painting from 1500 BC and read a little bit about it and answer some questions, and then we make our own painting with step by step directions that still let us have freedom in how we want to tackle the project.

One thing I love about this book is that it has a full list of supplies in the front and the supplies are broken up in to groups based on the artistic work we will be doing.

For example, group #1 is labeled drawing and it asks for

1 Ebony Pencil

1 Vinyl Eraser

1 Small set of Soft pastels

1 Small set of oil pastels

1 Sketch or drawing paper pad.

The other groups include lists for painting supplies, paper art supplies, and clay supplies.

You can purchase the complete supplies you will need for one child as a bundle from for $96. I chose to order the items piecemeal, mostly from Michaels. I probably spent more overall that way (to be honest I didn’t do that math) but I wanted to choose better quality for the things I thought she would enjoy the most or be the hardest on. I also wanted to have enough supplies on hand that I could do the projects with her. She tends to be a bit cautious at times and I think having another example to follow will help her jump in and have more fun. I also think I’ll have fun participating.

The other thing I’m excited for is that while the supplies are obviously consumable, the book isn’t. We can do this curriculum over and over if we choose to. I think it will be interesting to see her projects this year at age 3-4 and again at 6-7 or so.

Here’s hoping for a great year of art!

What is your family using for art this year?

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