Last year was the first year I was homeschooling my daughter. I was excited and bought more things that we ended up using. That was fine, she uses the extra workbooks in her fun time. She loves worksheets!

I also bought a recollections family planner for our lesson plans. Instead of writing the names of the family members down the left hand side, I wrote the names of the subjects. It worked great! But it is so big and way too expensive for what I actually ended up using it for. I’m the crazy person that plans out our whole year in advance.

I bought the last of our curriculum for the upcoming school year in February. And I have just a few books to finish putting in to my planner. This year I’ve written everything in pencil so that I can go over it in pen when we complete it.

We like to keep things flexible here, my daughter is only 3 1/2 after all. This way, when she gets excited about science and wants to do three days worth of science in one day I can just change the page numbers when I write what we actually did. It will still give me a general idea of what we’re behind or ahead on though.


The pages are simple and undated. They have room for 7 subjects and five days in the week. That was the biggest reason I didn’t just pick up a standard teacher planner for our preschool year. Monday through Friday didn’t work for us. I needed the ability to do school on non-standard days. With my only writing in pencil approach though I can adjust dates as needed and if we school on Saturday I’ll just cross off Friday and write the new day or date.

At $6 this was a far better deal than the $30 I paid for last year’s planner. Next year I plan to try the cute teacher planner I see dollar tree is carrying now. I would much rather spend the money on more craft supplies or books to read then on the planner.

Last year’s planner feels like a lot of wasted money and potential for what I needed to use it for. I think this year’s planner will be the best of both worlds.

Do you use a digital or paper planner for your lessons?

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