Handwriting Choices for Kindergarten


The handwriting resources I’ll be using for my kindergartner are these four books. We will spend the bulk of the year with three books from Handwriting Without Tears. We will begin with My First School Book, followed by Kick Start Kindergarten, and then Letters and Numbers for Me. She will also be doing some dedicated work on writing her full name, address, and phone number throughout the year.

I’m not sure how much we will make it through. We may only make it through one book over the whole year or she may finish all three and be ready for more. If she needs more I have on hand the Kindergarten level of Smart Alec Reading Readiness. This book is largely just tracing, and then writing on her own, words and sentences.

It looks like a lot of work and a lot of pages for one kindergartner, but I am very much an over prepared homeschool parent. I would rather have more work than she will get through then run out of things for her to progress in when she is still eager to keep going with her learning.

Even with all four books and a day a week to work on her personal information she is doing one to two pages a day from one of these books. Late in the year that means tracing and writing two words and one two line sentence. I am confident she can handle that.

How will you be covering handwriting this year?

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