July Reading Wrap up

In July I finished 13 books. I also started reading 15 new books. That brings my total books finished this year up to 79 and the number of books I’m in the middle of to 20.

The books I finished in July are:

  1. Out of Focus by LA Witt ✰4✰
  2. Hiatus by LA Witt ✰4✰
  3. Meik & Sebastian by Quin Perin ✰3✰
  4. Binti: The Night Masquerade by Nnedi Okorafor ✰2✰
  5. Words My Soul Whispers to Me by Crystal Leevy ✰3✰
  6. ADHD & Me by Blake E S Taylor ✰3✰
  7. Potty Training Girls the Easy Way by Caroline Fertleman ✰4✰
  8. Inner City by Scott Horton Taylor ✰4✰
  9. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert ✰4✰
  10. Empowered: Agent by Dale Ivan Smith ✰4✰
  11. You Are Dead (Please Sign Here) by Andrew Stanek ✰3✰
  12. Forever Breathless by Shirley Spain ✰4✰
  13. Love & Magic by John Hanlon ✰5✰

My favorite book of the month was Love & Magic by John Hanlon. This was the first book I read for Booktubeathon and the only book i gave 5 stars this month. It is a collection of short stories and each have a little magic in them. All four left me with my mouth hanging open after a twist at the end. I enjoyed it immensely.

My biggest surprise of the month was the same book. I purchased this book on Amazon to fill an order to free shipping level and paid only 69 cents for it. I have to say I was not expecting much, but it was great!

Currently I’m smack dab in the middle of Booktubeathon. An update with the rest of the books I read for booktubeathon will be posted on Tuesday August 7th. Good luck with the rest of your reading challenges!

What was your favorite read of July?

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