Kindergarten History


For history in our kindergarten year I have chosen to use The Story of the World Volume 1: Ancient Times by Susan Wise Bauer. I have purchased the textbook to read from as well as the activity book.

This seemed like a very gentle way to introduce my three and half year old to some history concepts. I don’t expect her to remember much of what we learn at this point, but am really just looking to get her acquainted with history in general. I love the idea of a read aloud and I plan to simply use the coloring pages from the activity book this year. When we go through this book set again after completing the full 4 volume cycle once she will be more than ready to jump in to the more complicated and fun activities.

We will be reading a portion of the book each week and coloring the corresponding coloring page. We will also talk about what we are reading and trying to help her understand that these are real events that took place and not just a story like her picture books usually are.

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