Trying to Write in my Books

I want to be a person that writes in my books. I want to reread favorites and see all of my thoughts written neatly in the margins. I want to be able to have conversations with myself from years before or after. I want to annotate my books as I read them.

It sounds like fun so I’ve been trying. It’s not that I feel bad about writing in my books. It’s just that I feel silly. I feel like even I won’t care about what I was thinking when I read this book or sentence let alone anyone else that might pick up my copy. I might be afraid that someone else will pick up the book and read it and discover that I am well and truly insane for having a thought that I’ve written down.

I’m still making myself do it though, because I think I gain more insights when I read a book with the intention or marking my favorite parts and writing what I think. I also love being able to quickly and easily flick through the pages of a chapter and share the parts that were important to me with my husband. The lines that really spoke to me are easily found.

I have trouble thinking that my thoughts are important enough to write down so if I do write something I use a pencil. But I love being able to hold on to the thoughts of the author or character that mean something to me so I highlight those.

When I begin a new book I choose a bookmark from my collection and now I choose a highlighter from my favorite set, the Zebra Mildliners, that will match the book either in cover colors or in content. And even if I go the whole book without writing anything with my pencil I am ready with my highlighter to mark anything I have a desire too.

It feels somehow less off-putting to simply showcase the work of an author than it is to think my words and thoughts deserve to be on the page beside their’s.

My favorite book that I’ve taken my highlighter to so far was also the first one that tried it with. Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie is a book for homeschool moms. I’m not religious at all, in fact, you could say I’m anti religion, but I still took so much from this book that was useful for me in teaching my daughter at home. With my highlights I can flip through the whole (already short) book in half an hour reading the parts that inspire me to keep going with this crazy journey.

I’ll keep working on feeling worthy enough to write my words in my books, but until then I don’t plan to stop with my highlighting. It helps me get so much more out of reading.

Do you write in your books?

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