Bookish Boxes & Buzzwords Tag

Today I will be answering questions from a tag called Bookish Boxes & Buzzwords. This tag was created by LizziefayeLovesBooks on Youtube.

It is a tag all about things that make you want to pick up a book. There are 12 prompts.

1. Your go-to genre or favorite type of book I had to think about this, but I think my favorite genre would be dystopian, preferably young adult, but I’ll read and usually enjoy any dystopian. My favorite is when characters are learning how to survive on very limited resources.

2. Retellings you are drawn to. No stories in particular, but if I am going to read a retelling it will usually be a story told from the ‘bad guy’s’ perspective.

3. Lifestyles or careers of the book characters. I will read almost anything about a writer or aspiring writer. I also enjoy reading about homeschool moms or families.

4. Places or settings you are drawn to. Space and anywhere the characters have to figure out how to survive, that goes back to my dystopian love.

5. Relationships you enjoy reading about. Mother daughter relationships. Relationships between couples that have been together for a years and maybe are going through big changes, new baby, job loss, last child moved out, etc.

6. Buzzwords in the title of the book. Challenge, strange, mystery, survival.

7. Things on book covers that draw you in. Blurbs by favorite authors, awards, bright colors.

8. Non fiction buzzwords. Type of nonfiction are you drawn to. Writing, homeschooling, parenting, marriage, time management, productivity, organization, budgeting.


9. Medical or physical conditions of characters. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, self harm.

10. Time of year, or time in history or future that you are drawn to.  Anything set in the future. Especially if something has changed the world drastically and we’re trying to figure out how to survive all over again.

Bonus #1: Any other bookish boxes or buzzwords not already mentioned. LGBT+ life and relationships. Also anything told in a non-standard format. I love books that are told in letters, or documents, or especially poetry.

Bonus #2: What Bookish boxes or buzzwords turn you away from a book? Anything that shows harm to a child on the page. If it’s implied or told after the fact I can usually deal with it, but if I’m seeing or watching a child be hurt or tortured I can’t read the book. That kind of stuff sticks with me and haunts my dreams.

Also, really bad spelling or grammar. If it happens often enough that I repeatedly get pulled out of the story I just can’t keep reading. It’s too distracting for me.

What are some of your bookish boxes?

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