Kindergarten Geography Workbook Choices


For our kindergarten year of geography I decided to go with a couple of small workbooks. One is DK Workbooks Geography for Kindergarten and the other is Kumon Sticker Activity Book: Geography US and Canada for Pre-K & Up.

We will be working through both books concurrently, doing one or two pages a day, twice a week.

The DK workbook has 44 lessons. She will learning a bit about planets, directions on a compass, some basic map reading and more. None of the pages are overwhelming, but she will still be getting some new information introduced to her. The pages are only black, white, and orange.

The Kumon book on the other hand is full of color. This book has 48 lessons. She will get to complete many of the pages with stickers, but will also be coloring, doing mazes, and more. She will learn more about the parts of the US and Canada. We will also have worksheets to do based on various monuments, buildings, and popular pastimes. I think she will especially love the stickers with this book.

I’m pretty sure my worksheet lover is going to have a lot of fun with these two books and I can’t wait to get started.

What do you like to use to study geography?

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