Phonics and Creative Writing for Kindergarten

My kindergartner loves to read. English isn’t her favorite subject though. That would be math. As a lover of both reading and writing though English is my favorite subject.

This is another subject I’m sure I overbought workbooks for. We’ll do what she gets to and leave the rest for summer fun work for her or use them next year.

Her main phonics lessons will be taken from Plaid Phonics Level A. She did Level K in her pre-school year of homeschool. Both she and I enjoy these books. I like that the pages don’t have too much work on one sheet, but she still practices her skills in a variety of ways. Her favorite part is the mini readers that are included.

The plan is a page or two of this book each school day.


We will also be using some number of Explode the Code books. We have levels 1, 1 1/2, 2, and 2 1/2. We may make it through one, two, or all four. We did the three pre level books (A, B, and C) in pre-school. She enjoys these pages as well.

We plan to try and do a page or two of one of these books each school day as well.


For Creative writing in pre-school we used mostly just Four-Square charts that I printed and let her give me the four items she wanted to choose for the topic. In Kindergarten we will continue using Four-Square charts for the bulk of the year. She will fill them in more strongly as the year continues, graduating slowly from a single word in each square to a full sentence or paragraph depending on how she develops and how her interest holds.

At the end of the year we’ll be using the Happy Handwriting Story Starters package to work on more concrete stories.

Her creative writing will be a once a week lesson.


Again, I’m sure we have way more content here than one 3-4 year old can handle in a year, but things can always carry over to a first grade with little concern on my part.

Have you tried Plaid Phonics or Explode the Code? How did your kiddos like them?

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