Kindergarten Science Curriculum

The first thing we will be using for science this year is this DK Kindergarten Science workbook. I’m hoping this will continue to introduce her to basic science concepts like solid, liquid, gas, light and motion, and how plants grow. DSC05024

The bulk of our science studies will take place with this Grow It, Try It, Like It! free pre-school curriculum from The United States Department of Agriculture. This curriculum has 6 units that each follow a different fruit or vegetable. The units are crookneck squash, spinach, sweet potato, cantaloupe, peach, and strawberry. It came with activity sheets, sample lesson plans, coloring pages, flashcards, and a music cd.

I’m hoping doing art with, singing and reading about, and cooking with all of these different things will help to expand my daughter’s eating habits. Currently we have about 6 food items she will willingly eat and none of them are green.


The final part of our science for Kindergarten will be a unit on our body. We’ll be tracing her body at the beginning of the year and coloring, labeling, and placing on the large tracing, the organs of the body. By the end of the year, we will have a full size picture of her body with the body parts in the correct places.We will also be reading about the various organs and body systems as we reach those points in our books.


It sounds like a lot, but I think it will be a whole lot of fun too!

How does your family study science?

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