The Night Before Kindergarten (homeschool)

My three year old was so excited to start our kindergarten year that she finally convinced me to start school two weeks early. Our first day would be on Friday August 24th.

The night before, she chose an outfit for kindergarten (a pajama set) and filled her small backpack with the things she thought she would need for kindergarten (a handful of random small toys).

I prepared the kitchen table.That was the option she chose when I told her our few options at this time. I set up a freestanding table top white board that said “First Day of Kindergarten,” new boxes of twistable Crayola crayons and colored pencils, the workbooks and reading books we would need for our first day, fresh pencils, and a calendar I made to help her learn to find and say the date. I also grabbed my teacher planner and a colored pen to write in what we accomplished.

She started asking for bed around 5pm and kept asking every 10 or 15 minutes until bedtime at 8pm. She just could not wait to wake up and be a kindergartner.

I was excited and nervous. I kept flitting around the house trying to think of any last minute additions I could make. I prepped some extra work in case she decided she really wanted to keep going. I worried I wouldn’t do a good job the next day. I worried we wouldn’t have enough work. I worried we wouldn’t have any fun. I worried she would suddenly hate school. I worried I would fail her. I tried to sleep.

I woke up at 3am, because I was excited too and couldn’t sleep any more. I made a few tweaks to our setup. I tried to work. I waited. Four hours later my daughter woke up. She was so excited! She came out of the bedroom groggy and rubbing her eyes. Then she looked up and said “momma I’m in kindergarten now!”

We put on her pajamas and her backpack and we walked to the kitchen to see her school table. It may as well have been Christmas with how excited we both were. She sat down on her chair and I sat on mine and she asked to do her coloring page first.

We colored, we read. We had fun. We ended up doing all the work I had planned and more. It was a tremendously great first day.

We did have one snag in math. It ended up being near the end of her day by her choice and she just didn’t want to do it. We had a short break for jumping on the trampoline in the livingroom and then she was ready to get back to kindergarten. The plan is to move math closer to the start of her day instead of the end. She does well in it, but she has the least patience for it.

She kept wanting more and more and more work, but I made her stop after an hour and half. She has a tendency to get really excited about something, do it constantly for a few days and then not want to touch it for weeks. This way she was just a bit disappointed that the first day was over, but she was still excited for day two.

I’m ready to continue with our homeschool year. We have lots more to learn and lots more fun to have.

Have you started your homeschool year yet?


*Because we started two weeks early there are still two curriculum pick blog posts coming up over the next two weeks.

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