Math and Money choices for Kindergarten

Our Math program for Kindergarten will be Horizons math level 1 (first grade). She competed the kindergarten level in pre-school and loved it. She learned very well with this approach and I think it works especially well for younger kiddos because they don’t have to do too many of any one kind of problem at a time. She loves the colorful pages. I love that she is learning even more that I would have expected given her age. It was a hit last year so we’re simply moving up to the next level for the new year. A very easy choice.


We will also be doing some more actual work with money this year. I don’t mean just looking at and identifying coins and bills. I’m talking about budgeting and using money wisely. For this we will be using Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Junior. We have the kit with the activity book, chore chart with magnets, and give, save, spend envelopes. We also have the bank with the same three sections, and the set of 6 picture books.

We have read the picture books several times before, but will actually be focusing on learning some of the concepts of budgeting, saving, giving, working, and spending wisely.


This should be a great math and money year for my girl.

How do you teach math? Do you use a spiral or mastery approach?

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