Summer Romance Bingo 2018

The Summer Romance Bingo reading challenge was hosted by The Summer Romance Book Bingo Group on Goodreads, I think. I heard about it from one my favorite Youtubers, Shannon Ridler and I downloaded a card from her video here.

I haven’t really read any romance since I was about sixteen, but I loved the way the bingo card was set up. I read a lot more romance novels than I thought I would, but sadly, didn’t end up with any bingos. I might be able to look at the books I read and fit them in different categories to make a bingo happen, but I don’t actually care that much about getting a bingo.

In total I read 10 romance books for Summer Romance Bingo. These are the titles, authors, and star ratings:

  1. Heat: Dragon’s Destiny by Wolf Specter ✰5✰
  2. Omega’s Fate by Wolf Specter ✰3✰
  3. Mad Passion by Naaju Rorrete ✰2✰
  4. Tonight by Karen Stivali ✰5✰
  5. Off Broadway by Sarah Kay Moll ✰5✰
  6. Swimmer Boy by Jay Argent ✰3✰
  7. Finding Finn by Kiki Burrelli ✰4✰
  8. Out of Focus by LA Witt ✰4✰
  9. Hiatus by LA Witt ✰4✰
  10. Meik & Sebastian by Quin Perin ✰3✰

I finished reading the last of them at the beginning of July and apparently met my quota on Romance for another decade and a half as I haven’t even thought of picking up another one since.

Overall it was a pretty fun experience. I read 10 books I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise and overall I really enjoyed them. It also helped to clear out some of the giant backlog of free e books I have stored on my Kindle. And I found some new authors I really enjoy, LA Witt specifically. Maybe next year I’ll read some more of her books for the Summer Romance Bingo 2019.

What was your favorite read for this challenge?

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