Kindergarten Extras

I count the extras for my kindergartner as anything that isn’t part of her English, math, history, science, geography, handwriting, or art. The extras include things I don’t want her to go without like music and other things like Chess that if we didn’t get to this year it wouldn’t be a big deal.

The first extra is music. As far as curriculum I purchased Music Theory Made Easy for Kids Level 1 and 2. Those are the two books we’re planning to use in Kindergarten. If she thrives and needs more I also have My First, Second, and Third Music Theory Book on hand.

Her grandfather is an organist and pianist so she has access to his instruments when we are at his house weekly, but I would also like to get a small keyboard of some sort for at home use.

The reason I chose these books in particular are because the first two books have many of the answers entered by using the provided stickers. My girl is going to love that. Also, I am not in any way musical so I wanted something fun and engaging to help me with her instruction. Daddy and Grandpa are always here for back up or take over if necessary.


The other thing we may do for music is a mommy and me music class we’ve been taking for two years. We sing, dance, and play simple instruments. The only reason we might not do that this year is the cost. If our income has leveled off by then we will be adding that in as well.


The next extra is chess. I learned to play chess when I was about five or six and both my brother and I did pretty well in tournaments locally. I have since taught other children in my life to play and I think it promotes some great skills that will transfer well in to other areas of her life. I plan to begin her instruction with simple coloring pages to learn the names of the pieces, we’ll move on to how each piece can move, and hopefully have her playing games and working on strategy by the end of the year. If we run out of time or she just doesn’t have the patience yet, this is something that can pretty easily be dropped.


The rest of our extras are individual workbooks for the most part that will be used for a part of the year or simply as needed. We’ll be reading from What your Kindergartner Needs to Know as it fits with the rest of our schooling, and pulling from Getting Ready for Kindergarten as we need more practice on skills covered. We also have a Kumon book of Spatial Reasoning for K & Up and a School Zone Preschool Practice Scissor Skills book for help in those respective areas.

Finally the All About Me book will give her some final practice on writing her name, address, phone number, and more closer to the end of the year and she will have a keepsake all about her.

Do you add things like music and chess to your school day?

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