Tome Infinity and Beyond is a readathon being hosted by Brews and Reviews along with several other hosts. The readathon is taking place from September 7th to September 21st. The story and the map for the readathon make this one of the coolest reading events I’ve ever taken part in. You can find the mission log and map here.

I will be leaving Earth on Ship C. I’ll be reading a book of short stories. I chose The Witch and Other Tales Re-Told by Jean Thompson.

After I arrive Venus I will read a book with a bold female character. I chose The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer.

I am then traveling to Mercury and reading a book under 250 pages. For this challenge I chose Will & I by Clay Byars.

After Mercury I ended up in the Asteroid Belt. I have to read a space opera adventure to escape. I chose to read Armada by Ernest Cline.

For my final planet and my final book I arrive at Saturn where I have to read a book with circles on the cover. For this challenge I chose I am the Cheese by Robert Cormier. This will be my only reread of the event, but it’s been many years (perhaps a decade or two.

And that is where I will settle down to live. I am assuming we are including the 21st as a reading day which means I have 15 days to read these 5 books. There are 1531 pages across the five books on my TBR. I need to read just over 100 pages a day to keep up and to safely find my new home.

What will you be reading for this reading challenge?

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