Too Many Free Ebooks

I love physical copies of books. I’m a sucker for a big floppy trade paperback. I especially love that format for non-fiction books that I want to write in and reference back to later. I also love ebooks. I read on my kindle every day. Usually in bed at night. My eyes aren’t so great these days so it’s really hard to read a physical book in the light in our bedroom.  I read books from my library on Overdrive, usually more popular books. I read a lot of other, less popular books too. I usually read those on Kindle in the form of free ebooks.

I originally started my Kindle book collection because I couldn’t say no to anything free. My Kindle content says I own 2733 Kindle books. Apparently the first book I bought for free was on July 25th, 2011. A book I’ve never read. Let’s be honest, there are probably hundreds of books on my account that I will never read. When you get something only because it’s free it doesn’t always work out.

I have since become more discerning in the number of ebooks I acquire. If I don’t think I’ll read it, I don’t purchase it. I also don’t download anything number two or higher in a series unless I already have book 1.

I am also trying, every week or so, to go through my enormous library of Kindle books and getting rid of at least a few that I know I won’t read.

One thing I’m doing to catch up on the crazy backlog a bit is to download everything I purchase to my Kindle instead of letting it sit in the cloud and be entirely forgotten. That way when I scroll through the list of books I’ve downloaded a title will be sparked in to my memory when I am looking for a new read.

I’m probably still downloading way more books than I’ll ever get to though. It’s really hard for me to say no to a book that I might want to read someday. Especially when it’s free today and might not be tomorrow or whenever I’m ready to read it.

In general I find ebooks to be way overpriced. I can usually find a physical copy in excellent condition for far cheaper than I can purchase an ebook And an ebook doesn’t feel like I’ve really gotten anything for my money.

I’m cheap and I love ebooks. Of course I found ways to make finding them easier.

I’ve won a dozen or so books from Goodreads giveaways. I don’t like to enter many though because it feels like I am obligated to write a review and writing book reviews terrifies me. They are a way to possibly get free books though.

The bulk of the Kindle books I have are gotten through daily emails that list free or sometimes very cheap books.

Bookbub is the one I’ve been using the longest. Each day I get a list of ebooks sent to my email. A few are free. Most of them are very cheap, a dollar or two. You can choose genres you’re interested in and skip the others.

Anther one that I’ve been following for less time is called Free Booksy. This one is my favorite. I get an email every day that has a long list of ebooks for free and couple that cost a small amount. Today for instance my email contained 32 free ebooks. Again you can choose which genres you want to be told about. I’m loving the LGBT  section of book choices that has been included recently.

The final email I get daily with free ebooks is one I discovered very recently. It is called Book Basset. This is more of a blog style email and website than just a list of books. You get way more information about each book in the email though. I haven’t made much use of this daily email yet, but have downloaded a few things.

Between the three emails daily I’m sure I’m downloading more books that I can read, but I can’t always help myself. And at least I’m not in danger of hurting our budget. Needing to buy the second, third, fourth, fifth, etc books in a newly loved series though, that will hurt the budget big time.

Do you like to try free ebooks, or do you like to stick with more well known authors and series?

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