Tome Infinity and Beyond Week One Wrap UP

I had a lot of physical setbacks this week so I’m not nearly where I wanted to be in my readathon reading. Here is how the first 7 days of Tome Infinity and Beyond went for me.

September 7th

On the first day of Tome Infinity and Beyond I began my first book. The Witch and Other Tales Re-told by Jean Thompson. Day one was a busy day for me and I only manged to get through the first story. It was not what I was expecting, but it was okay. I gave it ✰2✰. 36 pages read on day one.

September 8th

Day two my depression was taking over. I have a lot of eye issues and a fear of all things medical has stopped me from being looked at for the issues that have been ongoing for two years at this point. They have gotten far worse in the past month of so though. And on day two I was having so many vision issues that I couldn’t see the words on the page to read without an extreme amount of effort.

I didn’t read at all the first half of the day. I regrouped after a nap and read the second story in from The Witch. I gave that story ✰2✰ as well. 24 pages read on day two.

September 9th

Day three my eyes were still being difficult. (I did send a feeler message for a new eye doctor though). I dug out an extra bright desk lamp and set that up on my desk to help me see my pages better. I read the third and fourth stories in The Witch. I gave each of those stories just ✰2✰ as well. I also read about half of the fifth story. 62 pages read on day three. My best day of the readathon so far.

September 10th

Day four was a Monday. Those are the busiest days of the week at our house. I go with my daughter and her grandparents to do all the shopping and errands for the household and nothing went right.

I did get some reading done though, even with the long day and my difficult eyes. I read the rest of story five in The witch and gave that story ✰3✰.

September 11th

Same story with my eyes. No reply from the potential new eye doctor as of this morning. Still using a very bright light to try and read for little bits of time. Still working on book one. I should have been over half way through my second, and longest book, by the end of today. I feel like giving up, but I’ll just keep plugging along and see how it goes. On to story six in The witch.

I finished story six in the early morning and gave that ✰2✰. So far an entirely underwhelming book. Two stories to go and then I’ll move on to a new book. Having to take frequent breaks to rest my eyes is making for very slow going.

Story seven got another ✰2✰ rating. I should have DNF-ed it long ago, but with only one story left I pressed on the next day.

September 12th

Day 6 I finally finished my first book. The witch.  The final story also got a ✰2✰ rating, giving the book as a whole only ✰2✰. Of the eight stories I was underwhelmed by all of them. I enjoyed the writing style, but the stories themselves didn’t really do anything for me.

My eyes were exhausted and I had work to do, but I was hoping to finally start my second book of the readathon later this day.

After completing the first challenge I found myself on Venus and I needed to read a book with a bold female character to leave this planet. My next book to be read was The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer. I had high hopes for this one. I read The Host in December of 2017 and really enjoyed it. It would have had a ✰5✰ rating except the epilogue knocked it down a star for me.

I didn’t make it anywhere near the 344 pages I needed to read of this book today in order to be caught up on my readathon tbr plans.In fact, I only made it through one page.

I did however get my eye doctor appointment scheduled. Phew. Here’s hoping they can figure something out. Aside from the fear of never seeing my daughters face as an adult or a teenager or maybe even as a four year old next February, not being able to read has been the biggest depression inducing side effect of all my vision issues.

September 13th

Today I finally got an actual start on The Chemist. This was one of only two books on my TBR that are by more popular authors. I found this book on my library Overdrive app and it was available. Reading on my Kindle if far easier on my eyes than reading in a physical book at this time. I use white words on black pages and the light is coming from inside the screen instead  of in front of or behind the book.

I still needed to read about 450 pages of this book today to be caught up on the readathon, but at least now it felt like I could make some progress without injuring myself more. I read 45 pages this day.

I’ll be back next week to wrap up the remaining days of Tome Infinity and Beyond. How is your readathon reading going?

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