Tome Infinity and Beyond Readathon Week 2 Wrap Up

September 14th

Today I had a long, exhausting, and stressful day full of eye issues and financial worries. I didn’t read at all until bedtime.

I made it through the first chapter of Will & I by Clay Byars. My third book for the readathon. I also read another chapter in The Chemist. For a total of only 27 pages read for the readathon today.

September 15th

Today I started out by reading some more The Chemist. A requested quiet time cuddle with my three year old got me through about 30 pages in the morning. I am enjoying the book and really like the characters. I’m confused about a lot of things though. And the constant name changes keep throwing me off. It’s also a little more violent than I expected. We haven’t made it to any actual blood yet and I’m hoping we keep it that way. I’m pretty squeamish since I became a parent. I’ve only finished six chapters so far, I’m sure it’s going to get worse.

I read 12 pages in Will & I and (I think) 45 pages in The Chemist.

September 16th

Today was another long day. Lots of kiddo tantrum trouble. An evening at my parents house. And lots of stressing out about my eye doctor appointment the next day. My daughter is under the impression that I will come home from one appointment with healthy eyes and be able to read in the bedroom’s low light with her again. I’m certain the extent of my eye issues will not let that be a thing on a first visit, if ever. I spent a large part of this day trying to convince her that I would not be all better when I get home. I read about 40 pages of The Chemist this day. I am really enjoying it.

I also set up my blog instagram. I’ve never used instagram before so I have more learning to do. I’ll hope you’ll follow me any way.

September 17th

Eye doctor day. I woke up terrified after a long night of not being able sleep because I couldn’t shut my mind off worrying about today. I have an intense fear and distrust of all people in the medical field. That’s not what we’re talking about today though. I hoped to make a serious dent in The Chemist, but I’m not optimistic. Today is errand day. I’ll spend the morning doing errands, the early afternoon at the eye doctor, and the later afternoon finishing errands. Then dinner, bath, and bed. Hopefully some reading will occur today at least.

The eye appointment went well. I was terrified and spent the 10 minute wait trying to stave off a panic attack I could feel trying to break through. Everyone was so kind though that I managed to not totally lose it. I was diagnosed with Iritis. It was described as my immune system attacking my eyes and trying to destroy them basically. I was prescribed two eye drops. One that I have to use every two hours while I’m awake and the other I have to use three times a day. I go back in three weeks to check on my progress. My eyes are so inflamed my pupils are fusing to my lenses and that’s the biggest problem I’m having with sight right now. This may not be the only issue. However we have to fix the Iritis before we can tell anything else.

A little bit of reading did finally get accomplished at bedtime. I’m about 200 pages in to The Chemist. So far behind my reading goal that it’s laughable to continue. But at least I’m enjoying the book.

September 18th

Today was just a long day at home. We kept up with our daughter, mostly. I kept up with my eye drops. We found out my father in law might have cancer. It was a long, but relatively easy day, and a long difficult evening full of emotion. I got quite a bit of reading done though. I finished the night out on page 382.

September 19th

Today I got my second set of eye drops. They dilate my eyes in an attempt to help my pupil remove itself from my lens. Also in both eyes. Unfortunately this drop burns when I put it in and hurts for a while afterwards. That’s not the biggest issue I’m having though. It dilates my eyes which makes everything bright and that kind of hurts too. I can then see things farther away better than I have in years, but I can’t see anything close up. I work on my computer for a living and can’t see the screen. This does not bode well for being able to pay rent on the first. Our savings is gone, my husband still hasn’t found another job after 5.5 months of searching, and I don’t know what we’re going to do at this point. I can choose to follow the doctor’s orders and try to fix my eyes, or I can choose to stop the second set of drops and hopefully be able to make enough money to keep a roof over my daughter’s head for another month. It’s a shitty position to be in that is not helping my stress in any way.

I did somehow make it to page 472 in The Chemist. I keep trying to get that book finished and the world keeps not letting that happen.

September 20th

Today was largely spent trying  to adjust my work space to fit my eye issues. The dilating drops I am using 3 times a day keep my eyes dilated constantly and I can’t see anything close up. The adjustments and the eye issues themselves have largely slowed my work pace and as a freelancer, I’m paid per job so working slower means far less money that we already don’t have enough of.

I did finish The Chemist today though. I gave it ✰4✰. It was a crazy ride that kept me on the edge of my seat. I would have been able to finish it much sooner if my eyes would have allowed it. That did get me off Venus though and on my way to Mercury.

That gives me two finished books for the readathon. According to my planning I should have finished four books by now and be nearly finished with the fifth and final book from my TBR. Clearly not going to happen in just one more day, but I’ll push as much as I can and maybe switch the book I chose for Mercury. The challenge is to read a book under 250 pages.

I switched the book I had for this challenge to Paper Girls volume 1 by Brian K Vaughan and others. I made it about half way through before bed.

September 21st

The last day of the readathon. I’ve switched my TBR to include 3 graphic novels or comic bindups. To ‘win’ the readathon I’ll need to finish the second half of Paper Girls Volume 1, Zita the Space Girl, and Ginger Girl. (I realized while finishing this post up the next morning that that all three of these have Girl in the title haha)

I finished Paper Girls Volume 1 by Brian K Vaughan and others and gave it ✰4✰. It was crazy, but I loved the art style, the characters, and the time travel. I ordered the 2nd volume from my library immediately. It may show up in the Get Graphic With It readathon that starts October 1st. (look out for that TBR coming soon)

I also started and finished Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke. I gave this book ✰4✰ as well. It was funny and quick. It’s a middlegrade story about a girl that gets her friend taken by aliens and she goes after him to rescue him. The characters are all misfits and I loved them. This book met my challenge to read a space opera in the astroid belt.

After leaving the astroid belt I went to Saturn and needed to read a book with circles on the cover. I also needed to read something on my Kindle because my eyes were killing me. I chose the first book my library had on Overdrive that had circles on the cover. It was a cover I really liked too. The story not so much. It was called Gingerbread Girl and it was by Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover. It was just a bizarre non-story and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I disliked almost every character. I gave it ✰2✰. And Saturn is where I will live now.

The readathon didn’t go as planned, but my eyes took over the show and made reading extremely difficult. I made it to a new home planet and read five books in the two week period.

How did your reading for Tome Infinity and Beyond go?

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