My Bookmark Collection

My daughter and I both share a love of bookmarks. We spend hours some days crafting new bookmark shaped art that I can run through the laminator and we can use for years to come. Sometimes we make too many at once and hand them out at the library and we often make them as gifts for Christmas or other holidays. Her collection is bigger than mine, but that is mostly because she loves any bookmark and I’m a bit more choosy as you can only use so many at once.  I have about 50 bookmarks currently.

Second to choosing a new book to read, choosing the bookmark I will use while reading it is my favorite part of beginning a new book. Sometimes I’ll choose a bookmark to match the cover of the book or the content. Or sometimes I’ll just choose one at random and see if I can find a way to link the book and the bookmark.


Many of the bookmarks in this photo are from my daughter’s first year of homeschool work. The dog and cat under a tree that she drew hair on at age 2 make me smile every time I see them.

The Blue bookmark on the far right doesn’t get used often. It is a thick woven rug and is just too bulky for most books. DSC05116

This is a random set of bookmarks from all over. From libraries mostly. DSC05118

These are a few from a collection of bookmarks I ordered from I kept these and gave the rest to my daughter. DSC05120

The two bookmarks with tassels are my newest ones. I got the owl one on our anniversary shopping trip this past May and the red one is from a recent trip to Barnes and Nobel for my husband’s birthday. They have renewed my love of tasseled bookmarks.

The other is a painting that I found in a book I bought from a library and laminated.


These are silly bookmarks and more crafted by my daughter. We have taken silly pictures with the mustaches. The one with the cake is where my daughter first wrote the word ‘mom’ on her own.

The “I love mommy’ bookmark was made by me writing the words lightly in pencil and having her trace over them in marker before erasing the pencil and then letting her watercolor on top. We made those for everyone in our family last Valentine’s Day.

The one to the right of those ones is a part of one of her water color paintings. My daughter loves to paint. I give her a posterboard and her water colors and let her go to town. We only have to much display space though. The old paintings usually get cut up in to bookmark sized pieces and laminated. I keep the ones I truly love and let her choose a few too. We give the rest to the library to hand out.


My favorite bookmarks though are a trio of photo booth strips. There is a kiosk in our mall where you put in $5 and you get two strips of four picture poses. We happened to be in the mall just before her fist birthday and I got the pictures taken of me and my daughter. I turned one in to a bookmark and love it. We have continued the tradition and have one from before her second birthday and third birthday too. I absolutely treasure those bookmarks. I’m pretty sure the machine isn’t coming back next year though so I’ll have to figure out how to take the pictures myself from here on out.

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