Baby Steps with the Debt Free Community Tag

Today I will be answering questions from the Baby Steps with the Debt Free Community Tag. I saw this tag as a video on Wendy Valencia’s Youtube channel. There are five questions.

1) How did you originally hear about Dave Ramsey and what was your initial thoughts on him?

We first heard about Dave Ramsey from my father in law. He jumps in to new things whole heartedly and tells everyone he knows about them. The church he plays organ for hosted a Financial Peace University Course and he attended and loved it. He paid for us to go to the course the next round. I thought that everything sounded logical and having financial peace sounded great. My husband and I immediately started to implement the steps and saw great things happen to us financially.

2) What is the craziest financial advice someone ever gave you that you had to shrug/laugh off?

That being debt free is impossible. My husband and I have been debt free nearly our whole relationship. There was a hospital visit that occurred when we had no insurance that we also couldn’t afford to pay. It was sent to collections and forgotten about. We paid it off shortly after starting the baby steps. Otherwise we’ve always been of the mind set that if we don’t have the money we don’t buy it. The only thing I can imagine us having a debt for again is when we’re ready to buy a home.

3) What is the hardest place you had to give up shopping or eating at?

We didn’t really have to give anything up when we started the baby steps except that we were more conscious of our eating out. At one point when we had no children and were both working full time we ate out daily. Once we started watching our money and making a budget we clamped down on eating out fairly tightly.

The time that we’ve had to give up shopping the most has been this past nearly seven months my husband has been out of work. There has been zero eating out and zero and extra spending. That means I had to give up book shopping and sticker shopping. Those have been hard.

4) What baby step are you on and how long have you been there?

We are on baby step 1 again as we don’t have $1000 in the bank. As soon as we make it dollar 1001 we’ll be jumping back to baby step 3 again.

5) What is something you want to do when you are on baby step 7?

Baby step 7 is the dream I’ve had since we first learned of Dave Ramsey in 2013. The story he tells of anonymously paying the electric bill for a year for a single mother at church makes me tear up every time I think of it. I can’t wait to do things like that. I want to pay bills for struggling people and do as many random acts of kindness as I can fit in my budget. I can’t wait to start giving money away in ways that make big differences for people.


What do you want to do in baby step seven?

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