NaNoWriMo Restart- 8 Days In

I’m writing this on the 8th of November when I’m 11689 words in to my novel. Unfortunately it’s a novel I hate. I hate my characters. I hate the story. I dread sitting down at the end of the night once everything is finally done for the day to try and write 1667 words.

I write just for myself and maybe my husband. I write things that are funny and make me laugh while I’m working. I write ridiculous things like ninjas bursting in to rooms for battle while they’re cutting the wedding cake or a super hero with magic virginity taking abilities (yes I seriously wrote that for nanowrimo 2010).

And I assumed that’s the sort of silliness would follow me in to this novel as well. But it didn’t. I kept worrying that if I jumped in to the action (epic battles with assassins) too soon I would run out of content before I reached my 50,000 words so I kept dealing with the tiny details of my main character’s day. And OMG was I bored.

I was still pushing myself and making my word counts, but I couldn’t wait to reach 1667 each day so I could be done and not just because I was exhausted being up past my bedtime to write.

What was supposed to be a ridiculous story written just to entertain myself turned in to some kind of book I would almost certainly never read. A romantic suspense is the closest description I can come up with.

So while telling my husband I wanted to quit we started talking about why I was writing this novel. Why was I sacrificing sleep and quality time with my kiddo, and time to read? Because I like the challenge and wanted to have fun. I was not having fun.

What could we do to make it fun again? The more I thought about it the more excited I got. Currently where I am in my novel, my female main character has just texted the male main character that someone is trying to break in to her apartment.

It’s about to get ridiculous up in here. A clown with the ability to make my main character burp chocolate bubbles?Or maybe the male main character shows up with the traveling shovel of death to save her?Or a ninja that cartwheels in only to keep going and end up falling from the third story building after smashing through the full length windows across the room? Or maybe Mr Ian Woon, a magician, pulls plot bunnies from his hat faster than I can type?

I don’t know yet, I’ll find out when I get back to typing in another hour when my daughter goes to bed and the house is finally quiet.

For now I’ve turned all except my last sentence white. I’ll continue the story from where I am, but it will take on a whole new direction in a way that would make me set down any book I was reading that did such a thing. I may have two different stories after nano is over. Or I may end up throwing out the whole beginning and going with what comes from today on. Or I still may not look at this novel ever again after I order my winner’s shirt. But at least I’ll have fun writing for another 22 days.

How is your nanowrimo novel going?

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