Gratitude Lists

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. My daughter is so excited. She’s going to have her Grandma and Grandpa, her Mom and Dad, and her Piano Grandpa (her other grandfather is a pianist and organist and this is how she differentiated her two grandfathers) all together to play and have dinner. She is excited and grateful for so many things every single day. I’m constantly hearing “Mommy I’m so excited!” or “This is my favorite favorite favorite!”

Meanwhile I have been having struggling through a heavy bout of depression and anxiety. Life has been kicking us pretty hard for the past seven months and it’s been really hard to be excited about anything, though there are still obvious highs to most of my days.

Back when I was using a bullet journal I kept a gratitude list as part of every monthly set up. Sometimes just a list of numbers that I could fill something I was grateful in for each day. Sometimes a blank sheet of paper so I could write or draw something every day or whenever I thought of something.

I wanted to get back to feeling grateful for things intentionally and having a place to remember them so I took the monthly spread in my Recollections Planner for a gratitude log. I don’t use my monthly pages for anything at all. They are always entirely blank. So I decided to try and fill all of the squares with one thing I was grateful for that day.

I haven’t exactly succeeded, but many of them are filled. I began this in September and filled 14 out of 30 days. In October I filled 17 out of 31 days. And so far in November I have filled only 7 out of 21 days. It’s a struggle for me. Some days I just forget, but other days I beat my head against it on and off all day and come up with only bad things. Those days I think of starting a separate list of things that are pissing me off or that are going terribly.

On hard days though I like to go back and look at my boxes filled with things that I love or that make me happy. Some of the boxes are just text, some have been decorated fully with stickers and washi tape, and many are blank.

Today I wanted to share a list of a lot of the things that have been on my gratitude lists the past couple of months.

  • Squeezing my kiddo
  • Yummy coffee
  • A math lesson with no fighting
  • Being able to read, even just a little (this was after my iritis was finally starting to clear up and I could see the pages again)
  • The library
  • Hot showers
  • Reading a physical book with no extra light needed
  • A quote from my daughter when I was crying “We are squishing you my dear. What’s the matter? And then a kiss. We take care of each other” (seriously though, how sweet is that little girl?)
  • Kindness
  • My eye Doctor
  • An easy morning with the kiddo
  • Cuddles with my kiddo while she reads me book after book
  • Early morning sticker time with my kiddo
  • Another quote from my daughter, this time when she was giggling herself awake in the morning “Mommy I saw a doggy. He hid two times and I found him” followed by lots of giggling
  • Planner time with my sweet girl
  • Wiggle Time (my daughter had been sick for a couple days and this was the first time she had willingly moved from the chair or bed
  • The excitement of a trip to the library
  • Not being pregnant (my cycle is highly irregular and I was just happy that it was late due to normal issues)
  • Cuddles with my sweet girl
  • Another quote from my daughter, this time while reading and not being able to quite sound out a new big word “Mommy a word is going wrong, help”
  • Watching my husband and Daughter playing restaurant in her toy kitchen
  • Books!
  • Hyland’s tablets when my baby is sick. She takes them happily and they work great for her
  • Reading
  • Yoga with my little girl
  • The best holiday I’ve ever had (Halloween of this year)
  • Pretty washi tape
  • Cinnamon rolls and coffee with the hubby
  • Another quote from my daughter who is still not potty trained “I was walking along and suddenly my butt was wet. Can I have a dry tushie?”
  • My daughter calls the garland on the Christmas Tree, Garlic
  • My daughter saying “A sticker for my friend Mommy” and giving me a sticker of Earth for my planner
  • A warm, safe, home

The quotes from my daughter especially make me smile. I’m working hard to focus on the things I’m grateful for. I hope you can find something you’re grateful for too. Share it in the comments if you’re so inclined.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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