Homeschool Confessions Collab

I saw this collaboration on The Simple Rugged Path’s Youtube channel and wanted to participate. There are 10 questions.

How many children do you homeschool and what are their ages?

I homeschool one child. She is three years old currently and we are working through her kindergarten year. She will be four in the middle of February.

What is your homeschool schedule?

I scheduled us for five days a week of school and five weeks of schooling with one week off, but she is still very small so I really just let her take the lead. Some days we may end up doing a weeks worth of Geography and nothing else. Other days we may do nothing but art or read alouds. It all seems to be balancing out at the moment though. And because she’s too small to need to be reporting to the state she’s really free to do as much or as little as she wants on any given day for a couple more years yet.

Are you planning to take a holiday break?

I had been planning to take a couple of weeks off for the holiday but because of the way we’re doing school at this point, entirely child led as for what subjects we do on any given day, I doubt we’ll have many days off entirely. She asks to do some amount of kindergarten pretty much daily.

If you take a holiday break do you find it difficult to get back in to your homeschool schedule? 

We won’t be taking a break this year because my daughter won’t want to, but anytime we’ve taken more than a week or so off for any reason she’s been reluctant to do very much at one time, so I imagine we would have some difficulty getting back to a regular full school day since we’re not really even doing that now.

When homeschooling multiple children what advice can you offer to other homeschoolers in regards to teaching and planning for multiple age levels?

I have an only child so I’m no help here.

All children are unique learners and have there own learning styles so when it comes to homeschooling multiple children do you use the same homeschool approach with each one? 

Again, just one kiddo for me. I feel like using the same approach for kids that need different things defeats the purpose of homeschooling though .

What coping mechanisms can you share that help you to stay focused when having an overwhelming day?

We don’t really stay focused if one or both of us are overwhelmed. We always take a break away from each other and kindergarten work for a little bit. Then we come back and try again later or the next day. If she still isn’t getting something I’ll look up a song on youtube that covers the concept we’re struggling with or we might ask Daddy to help try to explain it another way. He was a math major so he sometimes helps us with math concepts I know how to do, but don’t really know how to explain. If all else fails it’s time for a dance party and a snack and we try that particular concept again the following week.

What is the hardest thing about homeschooling?

Being confident that I’m doing enough for her. Arguing with people who think homeschooling as a concept isn’t okay. Our personalities clash sometimes, especially when one or both of us are stressed out. No breaks ever. Mom and teacher are both full time exhausting jobs.

What is your homeschooling philosophy?

I believe that if my child loves to read and knows how to ask questions that we can find answers to, she can do anything, and we are succeeding in our homeschool.

What is your motivation and stops you from giving up on homeschooling?

My daughter. She loves learning and she is so bright. I know in my heart and my head that this is the best, most loving, safest place for her to learn and grow. And she is thriving.


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