December 2017 Haul Revisit

In my haul revisits I look at the books acquired a year previous and see how many I read, unhauled, or didn’t touch.

In December 2017 I bought only 4 books:

  1. On Writing by Stephen King
  2. Blood Rites by Jim Butcher
  3. Dead Beat by Jim Butcher
  4. Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

Of these 4 books:

I have read 1. Teaching From Rest ✰4✰

Begun to re-read 1. On Writing

And not picked up the other 2.

Normally the plan is to choose an untouched book to read during the month, but the two untouched books this month are books number 6 and 7 in a series. I’m still working on a reread of the first book in the series so I’ll plan to finish book one from The Dresden Files this month. It’s a reread for me. I read the first six or so books several years ago. After purchasing the first seven books a year ago I had planned to begin the series again and it looks I’ll finally be doing that now.

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