Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami- My Thoughts

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

This was my November 2017 haul revisit choice. This was a long book for me. It’s only 296 pages, but it took me the full month of November to finish. I started it on the 1st and finished it on the 30th with some effort. I did have NaNoWriMo going on in November so I didn’t have much time for reading overall, but this was still a difficult read for me.

I’m not sure if my bigger issue was the tiny font, the pacing, the writing style, or the content. I ended up giving this book ✰3✰

I enjoyed the book and the characters overall, but I repeatedly thought while reading, do people actually do these things or I can’t imagine saying any of the things the characters in this book say. That may speak more to the setting of the book versus my experiences as a white woman in the United States, but I had a lot of trouble relating to the characters because of things like this.

There was so much casual sex. Again, that could just be my opinion based on my experiences but, I can’t imagine the number of partners these characters are having sex with in relation to my life. And the amount of alcohol consumed in one night out in this book is more that I consume in a year.

And, everyone was so very mentally broken. So many suicides and other deaths happen in this book. It ended up feeling unrealistic for everyone the main character knows to die. By the final death it was more of a feeling that of course they killed them self too instead of surprise. It still made me cry though.

The pacing was difficult for me too. Any few pages in the book could be anywhere from a few hours of time passing to a few years passing. Some of the days dragged on with every minute detail explained and others events were glossed over too casually for my taste.

It was a hard book for me to get through, but I am glad I finally read it. It sounds like I didn’t like it from the all the complaints I made, but it made me feel so many things over those 300 pages and there are passages I keep turning back to for rereading. I don’t think I’ll read this book again, but I will give some of the Author’s other works a try.

Is there a Haruki Murakami book that you would recommend I read next?

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