The Feeling Festive Tag

Today I’m answering the questions in the Feeling Festive Tag created by Liv J Hooper on Youtube. There are 14 questions.


Festive Favorites

1. Favorite Christmas movie?

We’re not big movie people. I watch a lot of Youtube and so do my husband and daughter. We don’t really have any movies we watch every year or anything, but the movie that comes to mind first as my potential favorite holiday movie is Elf with Will Ferrell. My husband unfortunately, doesn’t think that movie is very funny, but he’s wrong Even so I can’t recall watching it in recent memory.

2. Favorite Christmas song?

I’ve actually been thinking about this for the first time ever this year. My daughter is very musical and she is almost four. So she’s learning all the Christmas songs and she constantly reminds us that her favorite song is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Typically she doesn’t tell someone her favorite thing without also asking their favorite as well so I needed an answer prepared. I think my answer is Winter Wonderland. I can’t say what it is about that song exactly, but I find myself humming it all year long and I just enjoy singing it. I’m also a fan of All I want for Christmas is You and Baby it’s Cold Outside.

3. Favorite Christmas television?

My daughter is obsessed with the claymation of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. That my little brother’s favorite when we were growing up too. I can’t recall one of those specials that I liked more than the others. My favorite Christmas television would probably be the I Love Lucy Christmas special. I love when everyone comes in dressed as Santa and then they figure out that the real Santa was there with them. We may have to watch that this year. My daughter is a big Lucille Ball fan somehow. She has the curly red hair just like Lucy. We also went to a Lucy museum this year and the National Comedy Center had a display about her too. And we have Lucy ornaments on our tree.

4. Favorite Christmas book?

I don’t think I have a favorite Christmas book. I can’t say that I’ve ever read an adult one besides A Christmas Carol. I might just have to choose ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.

5. Favorite Christmas season snack?

The only thing coming to mind is Boom Chicka Pop. There are some great holiday flavors like dark chocolate and sea salt and hot cocoa marshmallow and this year I saw frosted sugar cookie. We’re not really popcorn eaters, but that stuff is so good. I’m not sure it will be in the budget this year though. Maybe Santa will put a bag in my stocking.

6. Favorite Christmas Day food?

We usually do a Christmas dinner type meal on Christmas Eve, but this year we won’t be. We’re planning to have lasagna. On Christmas day we eat cinnamon rolls for breakfast and I make a big pot of chili for lunch and dinner and any guests that may stop in to join us. I like the simplicity of the day.

7. Favorite Christmas decoration? Show us!

We really only decorate the tree. We’re not big decor people in general. We’ve lived in our apartment for eight years and have 10 things total hung on our walls, most of them were gifts that needed to be hung quickly so they didn’t get ruined in storage or in a closet somewhere. So for Christmas decor we have the tree and a small section of wall in the hallway that is strung with twine for the current seasons art projects from the kiddo. My favorite ornament would probably be the large plastic bulb that is filled with my daughter’s crochet (or knit) hat that she was given at the hospital and her and my husbands bracelets from the hospital.


Haha you can see from the picture that we are not a fancy people. We didn’t have enough money to buy ornament hooks our first year together so we used plastic coated paperclips. They worked great and we always have them on hand so we still use those.

8. What is your favorite part of Christmas?

My favorite part of Christmas is watching people open gifts I chose for them. I love to see the surprise and happiness. This year I’m especially excited to see my daughter’s face on Christmas morning. She is so excited and very in to the Santa thing this year.

Traditionally Speaking

9. Tell us about your favorite Christmas tradition that you & your family have – either on Christmas Day, or as part of the season.

It’s not really a tradition yet because I haven’t done it with my daughter before, but we’re going to drive around and look at Christmas lights now that she’s big enough to see out the window in the car. I think she’s going to love it!

My favorite tradition that we have implemented so far is letting my daughter choose gifts for each family member. She gets to go to Dollar Tree with her shopping list and choose a gift for each person she will see at Christmas time. So far this year she has purchased either a character puzzle, like Paw Patrol or PJ Masks or My Little Pony, or a box of band aids for each person. This year she is learning how to wrap them herself. She loves choosing things for others and she really loves watching the other people open the packages she picked for them.

10. Any new traditions you would like to start? If you’ve already tried starting one, how is it going?

One thing I loved this year was my daughter shopping for the Toys for Tots box. She started seeing the boxes all over and asked what they were for. She asked if we could have a budget for a gift for a little girl to put in the box. We figured out a small budget addition of $10 for her and she shopped for a long time at Walmart. She finally settled on a Connect Four game. I was so proud of my kiddo. She didn’t ask for anything for herself and she came in under budget. I can absolutely see this being a a new tradition.

Giving & Receiving

11. What’s the most memorable gift you’ve ever been given – good, bad, or for any other reason?

The only thing coming to mind is for Christmas 2012. My husband surprised me with a NaNoWriMo winner’s shirt. I had won that year for the second time and this was my first winner’s shirt. I was so excited because I had been so disappointed that we had never been able to afford the 2010 winner’s shirt and that had been my first win. I’m still disappointed about not having that one actually. But that year, he was sneaky, which he never ever is, and thoughtful, which he has trouble with. He gave his dad cash and ordered it with his dad’s credit card so I wouldn’t see a charge come out of the bank. He had it shipped to his dad’s house so I didn’t know a package had arrived. It was very sweet. I still have that shirt and wear it when I need some writing inspiration.

12. Have you ever regifted something at Christmas that you’ve been given during the year?


13. Do you prefer lots of little presents or one big one?

I have always loved lots of little gifts. Growing up, my little brother always wanted one big gift, a video game system or something else electronic. I ways wanted a hundred different gifts even if they only cost a quarter a yard sale. My parents were big yard sale shoppers over the summer so I would get a big box with fifty or more books every Christmas that they had collected over the summer. These day’s I still prefer a bunch of small things. For two reasons really. First, I don’t have anything big I really want. My wishes are pretty much books and stickers for my planner. Maybe organization baskets to try and contain the disaster that is our home. And second, I just love opening gifts. It’s magic to pull apart the paper and see what someone thought you would like.

I’ve done all of the shopping and wrapping since the baby was born so I don’t really have surprises these days, but there are still a few gifts from my parents for holidays that give me that spark of magic.

This Christmas

14.What are you most excited about for Christmas this year?

My daughter’s face on Christmas morning when she wakes up seeing what Santa left for her under the tree. I can’t wait!

What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?


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