2018 Reading Stats and Wrap Up

2018 is only the second year I’ve tracked my reading since I was a preteen. I used to strive to read 100 books a year when I still lived at home and would make a grid to color in whenever I finished a book that I would keep in the front of my current journal. But I never thought to track more than the number and I hadn’t tracked even that since I was about 12.

In 2017 I discovered GoodReads and I tracked the number of books I read (63). Because I hadn’t tracked in years I had no idea how much I would read. I set my goal that year to read 17 books in 2017. I obviously did way better than that so I set my 2018 goal to read one book a week. 52 books in 2018. That was the only goal I set and the only stat I tracked.

At the end of this year though I discovered how much more information I wanted about my reading. How many ebooks had I actually read? How many five star reads did I have? Some of that information I could get easily from GoodReads, but other things I had to go through my bookish bullet journal and count up. That is something I don’t want to have to do again. I’ll show you the trackers I made in my bookish bullet journal for 2019 at the end of this post.

Here are the stats I gathered:

Books I read: 135

78 from the library

39 that I bought in 2018

18 that I owned before 2018

I read 32 ebooks and 103 physical books.

Star ratings

✰5✰ 26 books

✰4✰ 53 books

✰3✰ 41 books

✰2✰ 15 books

✰1✰ 0 books

Average rating ✰3.6✰

The longest book I read was The Stand by Stephen King ✰4✰ at 1153 pages

The shortest book I read was Omega’s Fate by Wolf Specter✰3✰ at 47 pages

There were 9 books that I read that had no page count given on Goodreads.

I acquired 122 physical books and by the end of the year have only read 39 of them.

As far as my long term reading projects go I have made some progress in nearly all of them, but not as much as I would like to.

I read 4 more Newberry winners, 3 more books by Lois Lowry, 3 more books about writing, 1 new dystopian, 1 new Fredrik Backman, and 3 new Seanan McGuire.



In 2019 my reading goal is to read 1.5 books a week. That’s 78 books in a year and should certainly be doable. My only other reading related goal is to read at least one book about writing each month. It’s my favorite thing to read about, even when I’m not writing myself.

I’m also hoping to not have to scroll through my Goodreads shelf for hours at the end of next year to find the stats I listed above. I made two spread in my bookish bullet journal to help me track those things ahead of time in 2019. I’ll be tracking:

  1. The title, author, star rating, when I finished it, and what number read it was for me that year
  2. overall number of books read
  3. how many of each star rating
  4. how many DNFs
  5. physical or ebook
  6. library, book purchased during 2019 or books purchased before 2019
  7. how many physical books were acquired in 2019
  8. whether each book was fiction, non-fiction, graphic novel, poetry, etc.






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I can not wait to start using my new trackers and see how they work for me.

And another random stat is that this is my 100th blog post. Hooray!


Do you track anything in terms of your reading?

What are your reading goals for 2019?

See you in the new year

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