How much do I read in a day?

How much do I read in a day? Obviously this varies. This varies to a great deal for me. I decided to see just what and how much I read on one day. Today is a Thursday. The whole family is getting over, or just starting to get, a cold. I’ve slept in pieces of time as I usually do. Five or so hours in bed, half an hour on the chair in the living room, and then another hour and a half on the chair later on after delivering medicine to my sickies in the bedroom.

The day started properly at 7am when my daughter woke up and came to find me. I don’t know about anyone else’s children, but mine always needs at least a dozen things as soon as her eyes are open. A dry diaper, a drink, some breakfast, six toys she had yesterday that she can no longer find, clothes on, but not that shirt, etc. I’m often frustrated before my eyes are open. I got her all situated, made myself a cup of coffee and sat down at my computer to get all of my work resources ready for the day.

I’m a freelancer that works from home so my time is very sporadic. My days are always very random  I could have a task to do for my work that takes less than five minutes or more than an hour. My daughter is here with me at all times. And my husband has been home also working freelance since he lost his job last April.  I sometimes have constant interruptions from my three year old. This doesn’t work out so great for my reading some days. Ideally I do my work as tasks present themselves and between tasks I read or maybe watch some Youtube. Usually, however, I have something that the kid or hubby need from me as soon as I can breathe for a moment.

The book I’m reading today is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. This was part of my first color coded TBR in September and I still haven’t gotten that set of books wrapped up. I’m starting the day on page 80 out of 257.  I would love to be able to wrap up this book today and move on to something else, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to manage that. This is a middle grade book though and is filled with drawings as well as words. Let’s see how I do.

The first time I managed to pick up my book was just before 9am. My husband was still sleeping, hopefully going to be feeling better when he woke up. My daughter was playing a fairy game on her kindle and mixing the same potions in the app in her toy kitchen. I managed to read to page 90. It took six and half minutes of being interrupted by the kiddo to help her with things before I gave up for the time being and gave her my full attention.

The next time I had a few minutes to read was about 11am. My sick hubby finally woke up and the kiddo went to cuddle with daddy in bed and have some Kindle game time with him. I made it only 4 minutes and 7 pages before I had work that needed to be done.

At 230 pm I sent my sickie hubby for a nap and set the kiddo up with a painting project at the table beside my desk. I picked up my book again while they were both occupied. Less than one minute and one page later my daughter was totally covered in paint that she was putting on the table instead of on the canvas. Bad time to try reading apparently. I finished the chapter with two more pages after cleaning everything up.

It was a really long and busy work day and the hubby napped for the large part of the afternoon so I didn’t end up with an opportunity to read again until nearly 7pm. An hour before me and the the kiddo get ready for bedtime. I left my husband in charge of work and the kid and made my way to the bedroom with a bottle of water and my book to see how much I could get read with my only really free minutes of the day.

I started that reading session on page 101. I was interrupted a few times, but even so managed to read for 41 of the 60 minutes and I read another 59 pages.

That brings my total reading time and pages for the day to 54 minutes and 79 pages. No where near where I wanted to be at the end of the day, but not too shabby really.

I’m not sure that I learned anything about my reading or my life. I already knew I was busy and that I didn’t have much time for reading, but finding almost an hour scattered throughout the day to do what I love is certainly acceptable for this stage of my life. Some days I have more free time and sometimes far less. I’m pretty happy with how my reading day went.

How do you make time for reading in your day? Do you read in one big section of time or in short bursts throughout the day?

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