Hiatus Update

On Tuesday everything was fine.

On Wednesday my husband had a seizure. Easily the most terrifying experience of my life up to that point.

On Thursday they told us he had aggressive and inoperable brain cancer. Again the most terrifying experience of my life.

On Friday they gave him 18-24 months to live.  Again topped the list for the most terrifying experience.

We came home Saturday to try and figure out how to continue to exist. But I’m angry and scared and hurt. If he survives the longest given time period our daughter will be not quite 6 years old. I don’t know how to exist without him. I never have before. he was my first date. My first everything. He’s only 42. This isn’t fair.

I’m trying to keep going for my daughter. But it’s definitely hard. There are so many more things on my shoulders than there were just a few days ago.

But the hubby wants me to keep writing my little blog posts and reading books because they bring me joy. So I’ll probably still be around. The schedule might be a bit off though. Thank you for all of the positive thoughts you have all been sending here and on Instagram

Until I have some more books read or another update on my husband or home school or any of the other things I apparently write about here. Talk to you later.


(There are still previously written posts going up through about the 10th).


5 thoughts on “Hiatus Update

  1. I am SO sorry. I cannot imagine going through my husband having a seizure by itself, let alone receiving that devastating news. I will be eagerly checking your blog for updates and praying that your time with him can be cherished ❤

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