My Kindle Ebook Collection Part 3

Today we’re starting with 2980 books in my Kindle Collection. I’ll look at the next 10 and decide whether to read them now, read them later, or delete them altogether.

Book one is Beyond All Price by Carolyn Poling Schriber. It has 358 pages and is listed as biographical historical fiction. This book has 51 reviews and an average rating of 4 stars. This says it is book two in a series called The Civil War in South Carolina’s Low Country. I don’t think I’ve read a novel about war since I was reading Dear America as  a preteen. But something about this book makes me want to hold on to it for now. This book is about Nellie M Chase, a real person, that went to be a nurse in the civil war because that seemed safer than the life she was leading at home. She sounds like a very strong woman and I’m always ready to read about more strong women. I’ve sent this to my kindle to hopefully read soon.

Book two is First Frost by Jennifer Estep. This story is 30 pages and listed as a young adult fantasy. There are 101 reviews and a 4 star average rating. This short story is about Gwen. She can see images when she touches something or someone. She ends up at Mythos Academy where the students are being trained to battle Reapers of Chaos. I’m not sure the 11,000 words this story offers are enough to get me involved in this world. The reviews say it is good, but largely unsatisfying on it’s own. I am deleting this one.

Book three is Mr. Planemaker’s Flying Machine by Shelagh Watkins. This book is 197 pages and is listed as a Fantasy and Magic book for children. It has 15 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars. This book is about two children, Dell and Emmelisa Planemaker.  They end up on a space mission following their father’s trail of light. The review in the description of this book promises fun as well as insight along with puns galore. I adore puns so the characters Mayja Troublemaker and Uncle Verry Boringman make this a book I want to read. It’s going on my read later list.

Book four is Dead Deceiver by Victoria Houston. This book has 242 pages and is listed as Mystery Thriller with a woman sleuth. It has 69 reviews and a 4 star average rating. This is book 11 in a series called Loon Lake Mystery. Books with murder can be too much for me. Any specific details of the bodies or the actual murder give me nightmares. The reviews don’t make this seem like it will be worth potential nightmares for a not so great book. I am deleting this one.

Book five is Sapphire of the Fairies by Richard S Tuttle. It has 222 pages and is listed as sword and sorcery. This book has 112 reviews and a 4 star average rating. This is the first book in a seven book series. This story has five teenagers that have to defeat the Evil One. It sounds like a million other fantasy novels, but the reviews all say pretty much the same thing. It’s rough grammar and format wise, but the story is captivating. I’ll keep this book for now, but don’t plan to read it right away.

Book six is Old French Fairy Tales by Sophie Segur. This book is 304 pages and listed as literature. It has 16 reviews and an average rating of 3 stars. The ratings say this is a very poor and disappointing kindle edition. It’s also not something I would choose to read at this point. I deleted it.

Book seven is Dwellers in the Hills by Melville Davisson Post. This book is 193 pages and listed as a linguistics book. There is one review and it is 5 stars. There is no information at all about this book on the listing. The one review however says it has horses, cattle, men, myth, philosophy, and biblical allegory. I’m going to just delete this one.

Book eight is Thunder Valley by Thomas Kelly. It is 216 pages and listed as a thriller, suspense novel. It has 19 reviews and 2.5 stars. This is the first book in a trilogy. It is about five friends that go camping. The description on Amazon ends this way: “Thunder Valley is a love story that will tear friendships apart and bring new loves to the brink of insanity.” The reviews are not good. The format, writing, and editing are apparently terrible. I’m deleting this book.

Book nine is Pig Man by Dan Dillard. This story is 15 pages and it is horror. There are 13 reviews and an average rating of 3.5 stars. From Amazon:

A little girl has nightmares about the Pig Man when daddy travels.

It stands at the bottom of the stairs in their suburban home and watches the moon out the window, waiting for a sign… What happens when that sign comes is not pretty.

To be honest I’m scared, just reading the few line description. I am going to delete this because I can not handle the nightmares I am sure to get if I read the full story. The reviews also say it is really scary so if you want to be scared this short story may be worth checking out. It is not for me though.

Book ten is Flowers over the Wall by Karolee Grim. This book is 205 pages and listed as a bible study guide. There are 53 reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars. This is a book about using the Bible to see why you can’t lose weight. The reviews are very happy with this book, but this is not a book for me. I’m deleting it.

That brings us to the end of another round of Kindle collection trimming. I’m down to 2965 books. To be honest I’m just glad I didn’t download any more books this time while researching the ones I already had.

Are you going to check out Pig Man? Or any of the other books here?

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