Today I am going to try the first chapter of five different books. In June of 2018 I purchased a 10 pack of mass market paperbacks from Discover Books. They were all random books. I got a great deal on them, but they were a surprise and I’m not sure when I’ll get to them for reading. I am going to take five of the books today and read the first chapter of each of them. After reading the first chapter I will decide if I want to keep the book on my shelf to be read at some point or if I don’t think the book is for me and it will go in to the donation box.

To decide which of the books to read today I went to and let it choose five numbers 1-10 and then found the stack on my bookshelf and took those five numbers out. The five books I’ll be reading from today are:

The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva

The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy

Two Dollar Bill by Stuart Woods

Private L.A. by James Patterson

The Laird by Grace Burrowes

First up is The Secret Servant by Daniel Silva. Chapter 1 was 11 pages long. In this first chapter we are introduced to Professor Solomon Rosner in Amsterdam. He is a troublemaker that always speaks his mind and has many enemies. At the end of the first chapter he has been murdered on the street and no one helps him as he lays dying. I would ordinarily say this isn’t my kind of book, but the first chapter kept me engaged. Also, this book has a 4.26 average rating on Goodreads. I’m willing to give this book a chance at some point.

Book two will be The Teeth of the Tiger. The prologue in this book is 23 pages so I’m probably not going to read the whole thing. In fact I only read the first four pages. This book is not for me. Firstly, the edition I have has very small type and I have very bad eyes. Secondly, the story, the small part I read of it at least, is very cold. There are no emotions. I need to feel something to care about the characters. All around this is just not going to work for me so I’ll unhaul this one.

Book three is Two Dollar Bill. The first chapter in this book is only 5 pages. This is book 11 in the Stone Barrington series. In the first chapter we are introduced to Stone and a couple of his friends as well as a new client of his. The writing didn’t draw me in and the summary on the cover doesn’t intrigue me. I’ll be unhauling this one as well.

Book four is Private L. A. The prologue has 6 pages. In the prologue we see five surfers on the beach smoking and drinking. One of them is a newcomer and ends up shooting the others and throwing their bodies on a fire. He’s looking to get attention for something. The writing kept me engaged, though is was a small amount of pages. The actual story on the back cover has me intrigued. The book is about a celebrity couple that disappears. I would read this book at some point to see how the missing couple ends up on a run in with the killer from the beginning. Another book to keep.

Book five is The Laird. The first chapter has 20 pages. I didn’t expect to like this book at all. The cover screams trashy romance novel. However, after reading the first 10 pages I’m enjoying the book. Brenna is our main character and her husband Michael left nine years previous to fight in a war. He has now come home and they are both very different. They are trying to reacquaint themselves. I assume the characters will be fully in love again by the end of the book, but I’m interested to follow along and see how they get there. I’ll be keeping this one.

Five books down and five books to go. Three books to keep and two to unhaul. To be honest that is far better odds than I assumed from 10 random books.

Have you read any of these?

One thought on “Try a Chapter Challenge

  1. No but that sounds like a great idea. I have the hardest time getting rid of books that I know good and well I will never read. Thanks for sharing.

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