The 52 Nifty Bookish Qs Tag

Today is my birthday! I was going to try and come up with 32 fun things about me, but I’m not that interesting so I did a bookish tag instead.

This tag was created by Stripped Cover Lit on booktube. I found it on Remembered Reads channel.

1. What book are you reading right now? The book I am actively reading at the moment is Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

2. What was the last thing you highlighted? The last thing I highlighted was in the book The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler. The line says “A function of the Mentor archetype is often to plant information or a prop that will become important later.”

3. What do you plan to read next? Next on my to read list is The Improbability of Love by Hannah Mary Rothschild.

4. One fiction writer, living or dead, with which I would like to grab a drink. Is it too cliche to say Stephen King?

5. One non-fiction writer, living or dead, with which I would like to grab a drink. Anne Lamott

6. One poet, living or dead, with which I would like to grab a drink. I don’t have an answer for this. There are only three poets I can think of and I don’t know that I would want to have a drink with any of them. Sorry.

7. One booktuber with which I would like to grab a drink. My favorite booktuber is Shannon Ridler.

8. Emily Dickinson or Edgar Allen Poe? Edgar Allen Poe

9. Hemingway or Fitzgerald? Hemingway

10. Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? Charles Dickens

11. Harris or Hitchens? Neither

12. Stephen King or Michael Crichton? Stephen King

13. Bret Easton Ellis or Chuck Palahniuk? Chuck Palahniuk

14. Kurt Vonnegut or John Green? Kurt Vonnegut

15. Shakespeare’s poems or plays? Poems. I don’t like to read plays.

16. Adrian Fort or Dalton Gentry? Eh. I assume these are the guys on the host channel, but I haven’t watched the original tag. Sorry

17. Cormac McCarthy or JK Rowling? JK Rowling. I haven’t read McCarthy.

18. Hannibal Lecter or Voldemort? Hannibal Lecter

19. TC Boyle or George Saunders? George Saunders

20. Good writing or good story? Both

21. YA or Children’s Lit? YA

22. Irony or humor? Humor

23. Sci-fi or horror? Sci-fi

24. Fantasy or non-fiction? huh? How is this an either or? I’ll take non-fiction though.

25. Rather find a new-favorite contemporary writer, or a new-favorite old time great? Contemporary

26. Sonnet or haiku? Sonnet

27. Sestina or villanelle? I’m not that particular.

28. Spend the evening at a library or bookstore? Bookstore

29. Magazine or Wikipedia article? Wikipedia. It’s just so accessible.

30. Dictionary or encyclopedia? Encyclopedia

31. The writer I would like to write my biography. I doubt there will be a need for a biography for me.

32. I do/ do not highlight in my books. I do in non-fiction.

33. I do/ do not write in my books. Again, in non-fiction.

34. Earliest memory of a library? Getting my library card as soon as I could write my name on the card. Age four or five.

35. Last time you went to the library? Last Monday.

36. Have you ever stolen/accidentally stolen books from the library? No

37. Ballpark: How many books do you own? 800ish?

38. How many books do you think would make for a reasonable personal library? As many books as your budget can afford and your home can hold.

39. So, there’s sense and sensibilities and sea monsters, pride and prejudice and zombies, etc, how do you feel about the phenomenon? I’ve not read any of them.

40. Horror trope you would like to see get more love? I can’t do anything too scary. What horror tropes do you like?

41. Something that you think gets underutilized in sci-fi? I can’t think of anything for this one either.

42. Flash fiction: Form of and format of literature, or, it’s just a short short story, dummy? A short short story.

43. If you could own one book from all of history, what would it be? I don’t know about anything historically important. A book I would love to own would be an illustrated edition of The Princess Bride.

44. Audiobooks. The same as reading? No. Listening to something and reading something with your eyes or fingers are not the same thing. Audiobooks certainly count as consuming a story, but when you say you’ve read 300 books this year and you listened to them all on audio at double speed that mostly makes me roll my eyes. No offense meant if that is your preferred method of reading.

45. Most literary songwriter of your lifetime? Oh my. I am the least musical person ever. These days we mostly listen to baby shark at our house.

46. What writer embarrasses you the most because you haven’t read them? I don’t get embarrassed by what I haven’t read. There is only so much time the day and I can’t read every book ever written, though I would like to.

47. What writer embarrasses you because you’ve read too much from them? This is also something I don’t get embarrassed by. If I like a book I like it. That doesn’t mean you have to.

48. What is a biography you are looking forward to reading? Notorious RBG by Irin Carmon

49. Do you have a dream reading cubby? Not really. Anywhere fairly comfortable will do.

50. Last literary phenomenon that really got your gears grinding? I don’t really find myself up in arms about much. If there is a phenomenon then enough people like something to keep it going. As long as you don’t make read it too, then you are free to read whatever you want.

51. What was the last piece of literature that changed the way you read? Everything I read changes the way I read in the future. I am never the same exact person at the beginning and the end of a book.

52. What booktuber have you been watching the most recently? I haven’t found a way to fit booktube back in to my life since coming home from the hospital. I’ve only watched half a dozen or so videos this month, but my favorite is always Shannon Ridler, link is question 7.


Do you have a dream reading cubby?

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