Valentine’s Day Traditions

Happy Valentine’s Day! This was always my favorite holiday until I had my daughter. Now my favorite holiday is Christmas. I think Valentine’s Day was my favorite because it falls the day after my birthday and because it is a day to tell everybody how much you love them.

Growing up “I love you” wasn’t a phrase you often heard. With my husband, daughter, and I, we say it spontaneously throughout the day every day and Valentine’s Day is a little less special because of that. Not that I would change anything about how frequently we all profess our love for each other. Knowing there is an immense amount of love in our family is something we will never doubt.

Our first Valentine’s Day together was the only one my husband bought me an expensive gift. He bought me a heart shaped necklace with my birthstone and diamonds. I loved that necklace. The stone fell out sometime during my pregnancy. I was so crushed. Aside from that first Valentine’s Day where my then boyfriend was trying to impress his girlfriend of nine months, our holiday is pretty low key.

We tend to really do Christmas and Birthdays in a big way and everything else is pretty small and just filled with love instead of things.

This year I purchased our gifts. My daughter is getting a rubiks cube like daddy’s. And my husband is getting a 2x2x2 rubiks cube. He has the 3x3x3 figured out. They are also getting thumb chucks. A toy like begleri, which my husband and I both play with and collect. The thumb chucks are bigger and they light up. I am getting a bookmark for my collection. And we’re all getting a doodle book. Like this. I found three different kinds at Dollar Tree. My daughter will get Happy, I’ll get Stressed, and my husband will get Grumpy. Not because he’s grumpy, but because that’s what is left.

Ordinarily we might also have a date night. This year with money so tight we were going to go out for coffee and bagels. However, my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer two weeks ago today and he is no longer working at all so money is even more tight. Also, we can’t drive. I can’t drive because of my cataracts. My husband can’t drive because of the seizure he had that led us to discover his brain cancer. So without transportation from one of the various in laws we’re trapped at home. And the in laws are here to watch the baby or take us to between five and seven appointments a week with various doctors at this point. We won’t be asking for extra transportation for coffee this year.

So this year, Valentine’s Day plans are to have a normal day at home, just the three of us. We’ll open our gifts and cards and love on each other as much as possible. That’s good enough for me.


How are you spending your Valentine’s Day?

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