Our Four Year Old’s Birthday Gifts

Today my crazy, sweet, brilliant, brave, thoughtful, amazing little red head turns four! That’s insane to think about. The day has arrived none the less. This is the final day of birthday week this year. And today she will receive her final gift from my husband and I.

All week long she has had a gift each day. So far she has received books 2-6 of The Princess in Black series and she has been excited every day that she received another installment in her favorite series that she can keep forever.


Thursday’s gift was a little different because it was Valentine’s Day so all three of us celebrated together. Pepper’s gifts were a 3x3x3 rubiks cube (just like daddy), a set of light up thumb chucks (a bigger version of daddy’s begleri), and a moodle book that went along with the series we all got for Valentine’s Day.

Today is the big day though and her request for her birthday was big girl Legos. I may have helped her along in that idea because I have been purchasing her a mini Lego set here and there since before she was born. So we’re getting rid of her Duplo, or at least putting them in to storage for now, and today she gets to upgrade to big girl legos.

Collecting what I’ve picked up for her over the years we have a full Pull Ups box of loose Legos and small Lego kits for her to open.


This is a set of miscellaneous Lego pieces and trays that I found for $1 in a Facebook yardsale group years ago and we still had them in the closet. There are enough to fill the bulk of the box with just these. IMG_20181229_163710

I also have 12 mini sets of Legos for her to open as well. These are wrapped and placed on top of the loose Legos inside the wrapped box. I’ve also convinced her that one of those small kits with the puppies is exactly the kit she wants to open for her birthday. The rest will be a huge bonus. Using points, coupons, and other offers, I estimate I spent less than $5 on all of the Legos she is getting IMG_20181229_163637

So five chapter books, a giant box of Legos, and a yellow birthday cake made by grandma and my girl is all set for a great birthday today. And she has also been saying for weeks that once she is four she will be ready to use the potty. Cross your fingers for us.




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