Q & A A Day For Moms

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I received this journal for Christmas 2016. It has one question for every day of the year and you answer that same question on that same date each year for five years. I began it on January 1, 2017. The beginning of the book now has three years worth of answers. I wanted to share some of the questions and how the answers have changed over 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The question for January 3rd is a fill in the blank sentence. I love seeing my child____________.

2017: Laugh. Giggle. Be happy. Be sweet. Get excited. Succeed.

2018: Learn

2019: Read. Sleep. Listen. Take care of other children.

January 5th. What’s something you’ve done for your child that you never imagined you’d do?

2017: Get hit when she tantrums and still love her and snuggle her when she is finished.

2018: Make separate dinners.

2019: Spend hours cleaning up the messes she makes.

January 7th. What’s a smell you associate with your child?

2017: Johnsons and Johnsons nighttime bath soap

2018: Salt and Vinegar

2019: Chocolate

January 9th. I was in awe of when my child___________.

2017: Ate lunch out two days in a row with no complaint or drama.

2018: Said her name!

2019: Read The Princess in Black all by herself.

January 12th. I’ll be honest: ___________drives me crazy.

2017: Whining and hitting

2018: Whining and tantrums

2019: Whining and not being listened to.

Clearly whining is still an issue in our house.

January 23rd. Tomorrow I will ________ because I know it will make _________ happy.

2017: color, Pepper

2018: Sing, Pepper

2019: Act silly, Pepper

I love to make that girl happy.

January 31st. What are your three most recent kid-related purchases?

2017: Stickers, waterproof matress pad, toy flowers.

2018: Mommy and me tutus, books, shopkins.

2019: chocolate, Madlibs Junior, burritos.

February 2nd. What’s a favorite book right now?

2017: Daddies do it Different

2018: Feminist Baby

2019: The Princess in Black

February 11th. What makes your kid, your kid?

2017: Her brilliance, her sweetness, and her temper.

2018: Her sass and her kindness.

2019: Her amazing kindness and thoughtfulness.

I am loving reading these questions each day. It gives me a minute to reflect on something about my or my daughter’s life that I might not otherwise have given any thought to. It’s also fun to look back on my answers from previous years. I often think “that was only a year ago” or “I had forgotten about that entirely.”

Do you use any question a day type journals? I’ve had others in the past, but this is the only one I’ve stuck with for this long. Though to be honest I sometimes find myself filling in a couple weeks at a time.


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