Good Bye Birthday Month

This is the last post for birthday month. I somehow managed to keep up with a goal I made before my husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Because my life was permanently changed just days before this month was due to start a lot of the posts I had planned to write were forgotten about. A lot of things that were important before just aren’t now. Other posts were kept in only because they were fairly simple to write to keep me on target for the 28 days of posting.

I posted 30 times this month. I also posted about more personal things than I have before. That seems to happen when your world crashes down around you over and over again. Sorry book lovers. Back to largely bookish content from here on out. An occasional life update is sure to be included too.

I gained 18 followers. Hello new friends!

I think the most important thing this month gave me though was a small task each day that I could accomplish and keep my mind off of everything else going on in my life for a few moments.

Thanks to everyone here that reads my posts and leaves likes and comments. You’re helping more than you think to keep me going during this horrendous time in my life.

Thank you!

See you on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday again from here on out.

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