Books that Feature Cancer

Cancer is following me. I keep picking up books around my house to try and read them and more often than not they seem to feature cancer. Random books that have been sitting there for years, new things I picked up in the past few months, things I never would have suspected had cancer at all let alone as a main feature of a story. For the most part these books have been set back on my book shelf for the time being. With the hubby fighting cancer so strongly right now I can’t handle dealing with anyone else’s medical issues. But here is a non-inclusive list of books I’ve stumbled upon recently that have cancer in the story line.


There are many others. You can find lists on Goodreads with hundreds of books about characters with cancer. These are just a few I ran across naturally in my daily travels. A few I’ve read, most I haven’t. Why do you think there are so many books about people battling cancer?

One thought on “Books that Feature Cancer

  1. Thanks for the list. You and my family are in my prayers.

    My husband has been the hospital for a month. (He will be fine soon) Still I can’t even write a single review. I admire your strength.

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