Current Ebook Checkouts

Yesterday we had a trip to see my husband’s neurosurgeon. It’s about an hour long drive each way. I decided to install my library’s Overdrive app on my phone and download a few available options to give me choices on our trip. I’ve used Overdrive before, but usually it’s on my Kindle Fire. I go in spurts though. I read a dozen ebooks from the library and then go back to physical books only for a few months and then back again. At this point I hadn’t checked out a library ebook since November.

I scrolled through the newest additions to the collection and chose books I had heard about on blogs or booktube and I ended up with four books checked out to me and four books on hold. The limit for my library is five ebooks checked out and five more on hold.

The books I checked out for the drive were:

The books I placed on hold are:

Have you read any of these? I ended up starting Sadie on the way out while my husband napped and the car was quiet. I made it 46% of the way through the book before we made it home. It was a really long wait at both doctors appointments. Do you make use or your library’s ebooks? How many are you allowed to check out at once?

Our ebooks have a strict limit on both holds and checkouts, but physical books we have no limit at all and we often end up with around 100 checkouts and 50 others on hold at any given time for the three of us.

3 thoughts on “Current Ebook Checkouts

  1. I need to visit my local library and see what they have. I have only heard of the Crawdad book, it seems to have been very popular. I read mostly non-fiction, so I wouldn’t have read any of those 🙂 I do a lot of reading in waiting rooms as I see a couple of doctors a month usually. Best wishes your way.


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