TBR Name Tag

This is part tag, part TBR, and part personal readathon. It was created by Caz at Catsandcamera on Youtube. The basics are that you choose what name you’ll use, your first name, your full name, a nickname, your blog name, etc and then you choose a book that begins with each letter of that name. The second part of the challenge is to choose the time frame in which you plan to read these books.

As far as my name goes I’ve never had a nickname so I’ve only ever been called Lori, or in recent years, Mommy. I thought three ‘M’ books might be challenging so I went for my actual first name.

As far as where I chose the books from, I decided to tackle some books I had accepted for review from Voracious Readers Only. When I first signed up last July I thought it was very exciting and accepted books faster than I could possibly keep up with the reviews so I stopped accepting books and have been slowly working on catching back up on the Goodreads or Amazon ratings I had promised.

Aside from accepting too many books at once, I also had some trouble with the various formats I received some of the books in. I don’t like to read on my computer and the PDF versions of some of the books were irritating at best and difficult to manage at worst on my phone. So much so that I gave up on them. I chose four books here that I have already downloaded on to my phone in various apps that should be more user friendly.

The final part of this challenge is to choose the time frame. I don’t read ebooks nearly as often as I read physical books and as you will see in Saturday’s post, I’m terrible at TBRs. I can never stick to them so I’m being lenient with my time frame here and plan to read the four books I’ve chosen in April and May. If I finish them sooner, I’ll post my wrap up to this post sooner, but otherwise I plan to wrap up with challenge at the end of May.

On to the books! I don’t know much about any of these yet, but will leave links to Goodreads if you want to see more about them.

L- I chose The Legacy of King Jasteroth by S. L. Wyllie. This book is a 222 page fantasy novel with 40 ratings and an average of 4.43 stars on Goodreads.

O- I chose Operation Pheonix Book 1: We’re Not Alone by Don R. Budd. This book is a 326 page science fiction novel with 3 ratings and an average of 3.67 stars on Goodreads.

R- I chose Regen by Cassie Greutman. This book is a 328 page urban fantasy novel with 48 ratings and an average of 4.65 stars on Goodreads.

I- I chose The Inter-Terrestrial by Chad Descoteaux. This book is a 248 page space opera with 4 ratings and an average of 4 stars on Goodreads.

These are all books I was excited to read when I first received them, but have sadly let sit on the wayside for a bit too long. I’m excited to be reading them in the coming months and am ready to get them checked off my to-do list.

I challenge you to take on the TBR Name Tag too!

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