A Small Book Unhaul

I don’t hold on to books after I’ve read them unless I plan to read them again at some point. Otherwise I donate them immediately. Because of this, the majority of books I have are ones that I haven’t read yet. I have just over one shelf on my bookcase filled with books that I love and plan to read again someday.

A decision to add a book to that shelf is something I DO take lightly. As soon as I finish reading a book if I feel like I will want to feel those feelings again, I add it to my shelf. I have yet to prune books from it though. When I was adding another book to the shelf the other day, and had to expand the collection of books I love to a second shelf, I noticed there were some that I don’t see myself reading any more after all. Here are the ones I decided to remove.

Love & Magic by John Hanlon

I read this book in July of 2018 and I gave it ✰5✰. This is a collection of four short stories with touches of magic in them. I really enjoyed the collection. I just can’t see myself reading it again though. Flipping through briefly I see that I kept this book for two lines that I underlined. Keeping a whole book for two sentences seems silly to me.

How I Came to be a Writer by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

I read this book in March of 2018 and gave it ✰4✰. I kept it because I keep all of my books about writing and writers, but this one I don’t remember feeling inspired by. I’m planning to add this to my daughter’s bookshelf for when she is a bit bigger.

A Night Without Armor by Jewel

This is a book of poetry that I read in October of 2017 and I gave it ✰4✰. I remember enjoying it, but when I looked at my shelf today I just couldn’t see myself reading it again. I don’t reread anything often and I read poetry even less.

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

This book I read in August of 2018 and I gave it ✰4✰. I remember trying to love this book and being disappointed that I just liked it. I had plans to read it again, but I’m not sure that is actually going to happen. This book will also be moving to my daughter’s shelf because I think she will really enjoy it when she’s a bit bigger.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

This is the only one of these books I’m not sure I will actually get rid of. This book I read in March of 2019, just a few weeks ago, and I gave it ✰4✰. Again, looking at my shelf I can’t imagine a time when I would want to reread this book. I enjoyed it immensely. I loved the story and I loved the characters, but I just don’t know that it’s the kind of book I would read again.

This is the hardest book from this list for me to get rid of for a combination of reasons. It is a fairly new acquisition. It was gift. I purchased it myself, but it was still technically a birthday gift from my husband and daughter. I really wanted it. And I paid more for it than I usually do. I often pay a max of about $4 on thriftbooks for a book and this one I paid over $6 for. Not a huge difference, but enough that I feel bad getting rid of it. Especially because I wanted this book so much I didn’t wait for a better deal like I often do.

Getting rid of a book I don’t like is no problem. Getting rid of a book I won in a giveaway or that I purchased at the library 3 for a $1, no big deal. But to get rid of a book I did enjoy and paid more than usual for is making me question everything. I will probably end up donating it along with the other books in the pile, but it may make me rethink my book buying practices.


How do you decide to get rid of a book in your collection?

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